Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Excuse me.... and you are?

Side B (SB) - 011613

Miz B (MB) - 011613

Well, aren't we just the mysterious ones?!   In launching this blog, we were so excited about what to show, what to say, and who to meet ... well, we rudely forgot to introduce ourselves!  So, in abbreviated form, here is the improbable tale of Miz B and Side B:

She and he grew up in the same Montana town and were close friends in high school.  {That this friendship was cemented through long hours of trying to find inappropriate dead language double entendres in Latin class is, I believe, informative!} After graduating, they went to their separate colleges and lost touch for many years.  A few years ago they reconnected through a mutual Facebook friend.  After many, many tentative private messages, they both discovered a shared passion for creating erotic art.  From these online chats, this blog was born to share both of their views on all things erotic, creative and what makes things so damn sexy.

Being a huge fan of irony, I think the unlikelihood of two small town friends evolving in quite different ways, yet rendezvousing in the shadows is simply, divinely luscious!   While I shed 99.9% of my "roots" gleefully and never looked back, I consider it a miracle to rediscover a kindred spirit with whom I can explore the twists and turns of this project!

More on us later, but we now return to our regularly scheduled sexiness! 

Hana and Leila - 011613 - SB


  1. How fun to find each others erotic spirit after a lengthy absence. Well at least now you won't have to search for the inappropriate in a dead language. lol

    D.L. Wood

    1. Sadly, I only remember "caput donas which is too literal of a translation. A better one would be "Veni. Vidi. Veni." ~ SB


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