Friday, January 25, 2013

Fetish: Fantasy & Fashion

Coffee Tea or Me - 012513 - Miz B

Of all the fabulous ways to be a freak (in the yummiest sense of the word!), none are more visually appealing than fetish.   From the gleam of glistening latex to the glitter of cold chrome, fetish has a style that is unmistakably erotic and forbidden.   

Kerri - 012513 - Miz B
Perhaps the most exotic element of fetish is the contrasts it provides ... an all-you-can-eat buffet for the camera and the wicked eyes of the voyeur.  Smooth silky skin is caressed by rough leather straps.  Delicate rosy nipples are twisted by barbaric steel-toothed clamps.  Soft elegant curves are bound to rough-hewn racks of wood and unforgiving chain.   If you gaze long enough, you can almost hear the moans and smell the desire in the air.

Fetish fashion has stepped out of the shadows recently in an enormous way ... just the boots on Anne Hathaway's  Cat Woman costume are enough to raise my pulse & make me purr!  No longer confined to the BDSM culture, fetish style has gone mainstream thanks to models like the fabulous Ophelia Overdose .   

Signs - 012513 - Miz B - Image courtesy of KRT Pics

Shine - 012513- Miz B

What's your favorite thing about  fetish fashion?   

Picking up from that, I want to add what I enjoy about fetish and fashion.  For me, it isn't just the  living-in-the-moment sensation, it is also how the tight latex, the ropes, collars, and other elements create the strong graphic elements.  The way the black corset and whip traces a line that accentuates the model's natural curves.  It makes those visual elements rise to a visual art of its own. 

Rain - 012513 - SB


  1. What do I like best about fetish fashion? Seeing Miz B wearing it.

  2. I was drawn to images that was less vanilla than most at an early age. Tightness of leather, rubber, vinyl, the beauty symmetry of rope knots, clamps and sashes, It was something that was a tiny prick in my creative mind and I knew that I was not the "ordinary " guy in the neighborhood. You beautifully explain why I think many people are drawn to the fetish fashion. The Contrast...the sexiness of the whip. Rough, rugged rope on the fresh skin, The lines and angles that are created in the constricting hug of vinyl, leather dress. Fetish fashion says to me ..." you are brave in your choice to show the vulnerability of the flesh and you welcome the pain it can bring....

  3. Ciao Miz
    I guess everyone of us has his/her own "fetish" period and genre.
    Actually mine is related to photography. It would be too long to explain why, yet I admit I enjoy a very fine pleasure handling and operating cameras with quality manual focusing lenses, because I feel much more "connected" to the image than any fast autofocus device.. Old Nikon lenses and actual Zeiss are my favourites. But don't tell my wife... ;)

  4. Your secret is safe with us, Dino! ;-)


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