Monday, January 14, 2013

Passion Plays

Unhinged - 011413 - Miz B

In art, in bed, in life - predictability is the kiss of death! True greatness comes from daring, experimentation, and PASSION!! Often, photographers, models, and lovers are so caught up in chasing perfect technique and external ideals that they forget to let go, get out of their heads, and into their passions. Sometimes all the perfect formulas are boring, and all the unplanned moments of pure, raw feeling are perfect!

I'm a huge fan of setting a scene with wardrobe, location, casting, and attitude & then letting natural energies explode as they will. Obviously, this requires a serious level of trust and mutual admiration/attraction among the players on set! I consider it a compliment of the highest order when people view my erotic work and ask me to confess that, indeed, we actually did have an orgy during the shoot ... if you can't tell when we did and when we didn't, then my work here is done! {insert evil chuckle and taunting wink here lol} 

Passion is why I do this. It is why it makes all the work worth it to the point where it is not work, but a need to create. The passion is in all aspects and without it I wouldn't finish my art. The passion takes me through the inception of concept, finding the right muses, and capturing the magic in the camera, through all the post processing and publishing it. Passion must be shared by all that participate. The passion is why I still shoot half the time in film. Passion is finding my own unique take on it and exploring beyond where it was comfortable or easy. If it was easy, it wouldn't take passion and everyone would do it.

What is your passion? What does it drive you to do, to create, to accomplish? Don't be shy. We sure aren't!

Original grain, original grit. - 011413 - Side B


  1. in anything that you truly love, it should be passion and trust. It will come through in everything you do. My passion is poetry and I love the writing of erotica. There is a level of trust that I try to create with the readers. I pull back the covers and place light on the shadows of my mind ..

  2. When you truly love what you do, it shows! Many of us delight in the wicked shadows that fall from your mind onto the page! We'll be sharing one of our photo/poetry collaborations with you in a post very soon! :-)

  3. And so I enter the other world of Side B to find a lady quoting an old friend of mine, The Marquis de Sade; ‘tis to my thinking that I might have to wander this path occasionally.

    There must be a bit of synchronicity going on as this is the third time I’ve run across the Marquis in the last week. Maybe the spirits are telling me that he and I should be re-acquainted again. It has been a long time since we’ve spent some time together.

    I think it is the imagination that sets the passion free in the way you have expressed. It is difficult to have passion and include daring and experimentation without a vivid imagination. As the Marquis says “The imagination is the spur of delights... all depends upon it, it is the mainspring of everything; now, is it not by means of the imagination one knows joy? Is it not of the imagination that the sharpest pleasures arise?” To continue his thoughts, is it not the imagination that fuels the natural energies? Is it not imagination that gives substance to those unplanned moments? Is it not imagination that fuses the muse and concept to the magic of the created image? And yes like sharing passion, all participants should be free to explore and share the possibilities of their imagination. To imagine beyond their normal comfort level and create new areas to push their passion into.

    I look forward to more seduction from your creative ménage à trios.

    D.L. Wood

  4. Ahhhhh always such a pleasure to "meet" someone else versed in the "sharpest pleasures" of the Marquis, Monsieur Wood! I concur ... most everything else plods along aimlessly without imagination. I suspect that you've only given the slightest hint of your imagination above ... I look forward to becoming acquainted as we continue this adventure together! :-) ~Miz B


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