Saturday, January 19, 2013

Something Wicked This Way Cums

One of our favorite things in the world is the magical synergy that happens when artists from different media resonate with each other ... when we are muses for each other and inspire each other to explore new ideas!   Enjoy this steamy pairing of photography and poetry ... many thanks to the talented team of R. Yearby and Kellz !

Something Wicked This Way Cums - 011913 - Miz B

We began skinny dipping in pools of sensual ink
Streaming under covers, over pillows, wrapped in your arms
Alarms echo from the deepest salacial spaces
Sounding off aphrodisiac rings
In the contiguous distance fore-warn-ing....Something wicked this way cums

Hurried bumps and slow thrust
Delicious grinds, back raked with nail lines
Lines drawn in the sand
To the victor, the spoils of squirted ecstasy
Against face mixed with lustful taste...Something wicked this way cums

Trapezing through perplexing positions
Sweat glides down spines
Like warm, salty raindrops drenching
Lascivious minds, kissing divine rods
Lips lock, elbows drop
Hips rise to meet kismet
Is this what they call heaven...or does...Something wicked this way cum

Freefalling through the heat of skin
Like 7 layers of Dante's sin
I can't wait to begin
To navigate through the maze
Of tussled limbs, tossed sheets, neck bites,
Tongue lashes on the slit of your pink sash there is
More to cum in the wickedness of thrust
To divine gushes of labia's gin
To wicked grins. Something wicked this way comes...

As indelible intentions are restrained
and ass spanks redden in vain
and tantalizing thrusts, move to the tantric beat of
Chimes adorned on intimate intimate spaces...pushing for wider spaces
Making a special place for
Your secret desires to play in
Locked in my playground where we swing in leathered dreams
and sing to the melody of...Something wicked this way cums

Dominating displays of safe words and foreplay
Bondage in subservient ways... means today, we trade places
As long as you let me partake in champagne showers while licking the pink petals away
2, 3 fingers deep while juice seeps
Like fresh peaches while teeth bite on the pit of your center. Chorus of please... throes of Ohh
That echoes from the valley of your navel while hoping soon your
Belly shows sign of...Something wicked this way cums

"Master, my Master take me as you please", I scream
As I get down on bended knee and give praise to the consummate King
Run my tongue down your seam
Lick your crown suck your jewels
Massage your land with the softest of hands
Up and down and back again
Till you choke the last breath of air from me
Sweet warm saliva drips down on thee
See foreplay is the foreground
And unless we stop now
We can be guaranteed....Something wicked this way cums

~Kellz/Yearby 2012~


  1. I believe the look of a woman in sexual ecstasy is art in its purest form.

    1. I agree. It is life in its purest form. SB.

  2. Wow... I really enjoyed it... Thanks Miz ! Very nice of you (and brave as well) sharing such an intimate and deeply yet gently erotic poem

    1. Dino - agreed. This is a perfect example of a mutual muse moment where everyone worked together to create something far more primal and powerful than the individual could create. Thanks to Miz B and Kellz/Yearby for creating this heat in a cool blue tone. SB.

  3. This is a wonderful multimedia experience. The image of a hot sensual couple, paired with erotic poetry is steamy. (I love her hand clawing at his back.) Let the imagination and fantasies run wild!

  4. Thanks to Miz B for providing the muse. The nails at the back, the lips slightly pursed, the subtle power of the blue tones were just a small but powerful spark to create something like this and with the powerful writing of Kelligraphy Pens this is a wonderful combination

  5. BOOOM! LOVED THIS .... This was HAWT

  6. "Something wicked this way cums."

    But with these words I do have issue.
    As my staff begins to throb and hum.
    I discover I have no tissue.

    "Something wicked this way cums"

    Stroke stroke precum oozes.
    Stroke stroke throb and hum.

    "Something wicked this way cums"

    Rub and rub still have the issue.
    She leans over throb and hum.

    "Something wicked this way cums"

    Suck tongue suck and swallow, don’t need tissue.
    I slump back as I am done.

    "Something wicked this way cums"

    D.L. Wood


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