Saturday, January 12, 2013

Welcome to shadowsexposed!

Fae - 011213 - Side B

Shadows, by definition, are areas shrouded from light - but created by that same light. In shadows there are form and fantasy, secrets and sins, truths and teases. Welcome to where we celebrate the shadows in art, in the mind, and in life. Join us on an artistic adventure as we explore the darker side of photography and expose the not-always-pretty but eternally mesmerizing shadows of the human experience.
Miz B - Model, art director, & ring-leader of a band of merry mischievous minions. Her out-loud voice would get her in trouble if she slowed down long enough to get caught … fortunately she's a force of nature zooming through the universe at the speed of B, fueled by her passion for beauty, self-expression, and creativity. Her calling in all her endeavors is to unlock the primal in those around her, giving them permission and means to surrender to the shadows & revel in their passions.
Side B (SB) – Photographer, multimedia artist, and recently accused pornographer. Remember when albums and cassettes had a Side B? It was the music you did not hear because the popular songs were on the side A. The side B songs were usually darker and rarely appreciated for their unique composition and stories the musician was creating and sharing. We all have a side "b". For SB it is the dark side. It is not an evil side, just not as naive or innocent as he is most of the time. This side has lots to offer to art, yet would not go well with his Side "A" life and art.
"Here there be nipples" OR "Oh, no - another sex blog!" Are we the only ones jaded to the eternal use of sex and shock to sell, entice, amuse, and otherwise titillate the internet? Especially in America, we seem to have lost sight of the forest for the trees (phallic reference most intentional)! In part, this blog is a seeking … a yearning for the lost arts of seduction and meaning in a culture of instant superficial gratification. Yes, there will be erotica here. Some will be subtle, some will be raw, some will be comfortable, and some will not. All will be an exposure of the shadows that inspire our art and our passions … shadows that you may recognize and share.
You, our beloved readers and viewers (voyeurs?), are the vital third partner in our creative ménage à trois. We desire, need and encourage your thoughts, reactions, and comments on what we share. Don’t worry; we don’t bite (unless either you enjoy it or bite first.)
I love you as certain dark things are to be loved, in secret, between the shadow and the soul. from Sonnet XVII ~Pablo Neruda
Something Wicked This Way Comes - 011213 - Miz B


  1. This photo is incredibly erotic. The blog is off to a great start and is going to be sensational. If Miz B is involved, how could it not be? A Goddess in human form!

  2. Thanks to all who have viewed and our first two comments from Derek and Warren!! Comments are really a big part of this experience. Come back soon for more mischief and hot stuff. -SB

  3. Look forward to it, Ms. B. Congrats n good luck!

  4. To someone whose body is artwork can be framed as masterpiece. Have males and females sweating and wanting more. The look in the eyes, the mischief look in the eyes, the sensual smile. Just the right package.....

  5. Very Nice Work. Eroticism and Intellect, a great combination. Looking forward to contributing and reading.

  6. Miz
    I know you since a few years and let me tell you I've always been intrigued by your complicity and have always envied a lot. I think this is the real secret ingredient for your success, even more than passion itself. You LOVE working WITH someone, you LOVE share WITH someone, you LOVE live WITH someone. Passion comes after. Passion comes when you are loved back, intrigued back by something or someone, and flows natural from you as water from a mountain source.
    I'll let you know a secret. This is what I've desperately looked for in any woman I knew so far. I found only a couple (three with you, but you're too way out of my reach lol) yet I found them late, too late (and quite far as well). Complicity means a RELATIONSHIP, one can't be accomplice with him/herself. But once this sparkles, a whole life can change from one moment to the other, because no opportunities are lost, no possibilities are excluded.. I like your way to be erotic here, for sure this is actually a kind of attitude that sublimates in you, yet even more - once more - I like your unique personality so much loving true relationships with others.
    By the way, I love film as well, it's just a pity good labs over here are gone! :(
    Let me wish you best of luck for such "bold" (in a good sense) project and be sure I'll enjoy any face of the thousands you will be wanting to share with us. More than voyeurism - with you - is kind of contemplating, if you know what I mean. I told you once you should be a rightful character of our famous erotic comic author, Milo Manara - I couldn't think of a better profile for a movie about his work than you.
    Last but not least let me say that even letting passion express, your (and your staff') photographic skill are nothing short than stunning, especially about ideas and lighting chosen. Brava.

  7. Grazie mille, my friend! I've always delighted in our conversations and creative exchanges as well. I think you make some wonderful points ... love, passion, & true art are always about relationship and interaction! One of the most exciting things about this blog for me is a chance to exchange ideas and inspire discussion ... for all of us to grow as artists and art enthusiasts, writers and readers, voyeurs and exhibitionists, and most importantly as friends and creative confidants!

    Thank you for also for mentioning Milo Manara ... his work is always worth another look!

  8. I can't wait to hear you speak on Social norms and our beliefs vs .human nature! Oh boy I can get all the B Knowledge I want and need off the Internet! Whoever created bloging should be kissed or sent some bottle of Expensive Champagne


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