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I objectify women (IOW)

Valya- butter wrapper -  022413 - SideB

Objectification is the process by which an abstract concept is made as objective as possible in the purest sense of the term. It is also treated as if it is a concrete thing or physical object. - Wikipedia

I objectify women.  I digest objectified women daily through tv, internet, books, magazines, billboards, music, and my meanderings through the day.  I know you see these objects as well.

I objectify women through my thoughts, beliefs, and art as well.  Just by tripping the shutter and capturing the image of a woman on film or a sensor, I transfer a real human (not just women) into a 1/250th of a second capture of her and convert her to an object.  

This transfer is similar to what painters, sculptors, poets, and other creative types have done for centuries.  They take a full human and convert them to some sort of partial object, a mere small representation of a fiction or reality of that person.  

I started an art series last year titled I objectify women (IOW).  The inspiration for the series are a string of comments/criticisms directed at me and also an internal dialogue I've been going through again and again.  I wrote a multi-page journal capturing simple statements on this with each line beginning with IOW and then followed by one of these criticisms or my own internal issues (click on image below and try to decipher my scribbles).  These in turn inspired individual pieces in the series.  Many of my images are sexual in nature, but not all.  Does the content or concept of the object make it more palatable, or even art?
IOW Journal - 022413 - SideB

This series is analog and touchable.  It is physical, so you are seeing photos of the final pieces.  Almost every piece is made as a gel transfer onto a piece of discarded packaging such as butter wrappers, cookie boxes, fast food wrappers, etc.

In a new series of posts, we are going to explore objectification of women, our roles both in creating it and being the object of it.  We both have great experience in this, especially Miz B since she has been on both sides of the camera.

As with all our posts, you are the vital third party of this menage a trois.  Please chime in on anything.  Share your thoughts, words, poems, links to related things so we can expand this conversation beyond the sound of our own voices echoing in the shadows!

So, do you objectify women?


  1. Fuck yeah, I objectify women... and they love it... and we know they do... and it is either through naivety or cognizant dissonance as to why many of them won't admit that they know that we know they love it. And those that don't deny won't allow their precious virtue to allow them to pull themselves away from the whole facade.

    Yes, ladies. I'm sorry, but you gotta admit, as annoying as sound of lewd cat calls come, they can’t be NEARLY as detrimental to the female psyche as the SILENCE that will someday take its place.

    It work but to both sides advantage as well as to their own detriments really. Of course women struggle like all holy hell to maintain their looks for strangers, but at least they can use sex as a last resort weapon, depending on how desperate they are for whatever reason (FYI, using sex as a weapon includes flirting, touching, wearing skimpy clothes, etc. ~ doesn’t always go to the bedroom… and a smart woman knows that).

    Let’s face it. There’s a reason why women are referred as the fairer sex.

  2. I'm trying to hold back until the next post on this topic to have my say, but have to interject just a little here. I think a lot of people (especially as pertains to erotica) confuse objectification with exploitation. We'll delve more into definitions soon, but I agree with Blaque Knyght that there is empowerment in being objectified. Do we not all objectify ourselves in our outward presentation? How we choose to talk, dress, carry ourselves - all serve to help people categorize us. True of both sexes. I am always infurtiated by the women who dress to show off their assets and then pretend to be offended that men notice them. If you don't want to be a sex object, present yourself asexually. Same goes for men. If you don't want to be a financial object, don't go meet people in your nice car, wearing that expensive watch, buying bottles. If you don't want to be a stunt-stud, put those abs away and don't answer those booty texts! Seriously though, who among us really doesn't want to be an object of desire?

  3. A big touche' on the "financial object" comment. Over all, if one isn't selling, then its rather hypocritical to advertise otherswise. A grey suit says you're looking for a job. A mini dress says you're looking for a date (or a job, depending on the "location" and thethe length of thethe boots LOL). But what were wear sends a message from bold print to the fine print in between. People need to ask themselves,"What is my outfit telling people about me?"

  4. Material things drive our culture now. We want our objects. The coolest phone, clothes, computer, car, house and yes, sex partner we can get. We want to fantasize about objects most of us can’t have. The 8 million dollar iPhone, the 100 million dollar estate, the two million dollar car and the photoshopped young thing draped over the hood.

    People can use themselves for the ultimate objectification now. You don’t like what you look like you change it. You can get a new nose, hell even a new face. Don’t like your breast size; you can go bigger or smaller to suit your desire. Too much fat – suck it out. Lips too thin – put fat in. Eyes the wrong color – put contacts in. The list goes on and on.

    If you are going to have art: turning things into objects is necessary. How are you going to describe something – how are you going to express or discuss intangible ideas – how are you going to explore a subject beyond its obvious physical self? You need to turn it into an object.

    In my opinion why do women get converted into objects? So we can try to define or put a value to something that would be difficult to comprehend otherwise.

    If I didn’t objectify a woman how could I describe her? How could I describe my feelings? How do I put the complex senses of the smell of her arousal, the taste of her kisses, the feel of her skin, the sound of her voice, the impact of her orgasm squeezing my erection into a form I can comprehend without turning her into an object – an object of desire?

    D.L. Wood

  5. Yes. I am guilty of objectifying women. But...what am I guilty of? Making her seem like the most important thing in life? Letting her know in that moment, no one else matters but her? Yes, I am guilty, for making her the object of my desire, my dreams, my heart.

  6. As a woman photographer who also objectifies women I find this subject fascinating. I'm not simply objectifying them into two dimensional objects, I'm directing them into poses and positions that I want to capture. I am, without a doubt, showing a portion of my inner delights and demons as I move through the shoot, encouraging and suggesting movements, poses. Asking my model to get to a point where she'll make me uncomfortable, knowing that I want those elusive moments where she forgets I'm there will make images I'll enjoy. This isn't about objectifying my models as much as it is exploring my own desire to be objectified. Can you take an image and not imprint it with a piece of yourself?

    I don't know how this would translate to my objectifying men. Maybe that's why I haven't moved into that area yet. Yes.. yet. This discussion will inevitably help me work through whatever has been keeping me from going in that direction.

    As a woman, objectify the hell out of me. I'm objectifying you and turnabout is fair play. :)

  7. I want to publicly state that I have developed an instant crush on V! :-) I agree completely ... one of my favorite things about concepting/styling/casting my shoots is that it's a grownup version of playing Barbie Dolls ...and I can make Barbie & Ken do anything I want lol! Viewing my work - even when I'm not in it - probably tells you more about me than about my models or photographers. I'm excited to see your work V and look forward to your foray into objectifying men ... I think you will find them to be very willing objects indeed! ~Miz B


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