Sunday, February 10, 2013

Perky Pinups

B Luscious - 021013 - Miz B
Much as I love the dark mysterious shadows, there is a freedom in exposing intimate moments to the bright light of day.   Some people hide their true desires from the world ... some hide them from themselves.   Part of the joy of evolving as a sexual being and an artist lies in stepping out from the shadows ... in exposing your truth and finding others who share in it.  Seize your chances, however small and tentative, to leave behind anonymity and secrecy ... illuminate your world with vibrant colors and brazen expressions of appetite, personality, & passion! 

Fae DeCay - 021013 - SB

It is funny.  I love high-key photography, but am personally either lousy at it or prefer to play in the shadows.  With that said, I do love creating the occasional pinup as well, but adding in the shadows with it. 


  1. "There is nothing better than a friend, unless it is a friend with chocolate."
    — Charles Dickens

    And I will re-post this here.

    Purple hair - sultry stare
    Wee bit of smile - just to beguile
    Upraised knees - oh just to tease
    Played like a harlot - displaying that erotic spot
    Fingers to point - where to anoint
    Looking like an invitation - I now stand at attention
    Wishing with a sigh - to be rubbing against those thighs
    But sadly I look upon my screen - for I really can’t be seen.

    D.L. Wood

  2. Different flavors for different occasions. Sometimes its about the thrill of getting caught. Sometimes it about the thrill of being the spectacle.

  3. Exactly ... even the most exhibitionist among us enjoy the occasional game of "lets try NOT to get caught!" :-) ~Miz B

  4. Love the poetic take on Side B's wicked hot image, D.L.! :-) ~Miz B


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