Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sensual Senses - The skin feels.

Valya - 020613 - Side B
My skin feels it all
the warmth of your breasts on me
your soft skin with mine

I feel your breathing
I feel your contractions grow
I feel your wet release

My skin doesn't lie
but it can confuse what's real
and what is sensed

My skin remembers
My skin still feels it - years later
I then remember.



  1. This is very nice. Her beauty certainly stirs up erotic thoughts. Which you have captured very well.

    I know she has given me more than one or two. 8-)

    D.L. Wood

    1. Valya is the truest sense, a muse for me. Thank you for the kind words.

  2. love the poetry SB...The simplicity of the pose speaks volumes.. Love the work
    I may muse on this picture a while

    1. Thank you. I appreciate hearing that from a strong poet like you. As for the image. Valya says volumes with just her eyes.

  3. I kept thinking and pondering and well -

    Known without seeing; the dark stain spreads beneath my still open nether lips soaking into the wrinkled sheet. The seeping pearly wetness, the residue of the heat still felt at my hips mixes along with sweet thoughts as my orgasm glow dims, of kisses that taste like sugar cane.

    He looks as I watch him stand beyond the bed. The hot hardness he lanced me with a bit ago now evaporates like a dream. Glistening wet with our released cream I see loves essence of life drip from its head.

    The shower starts and I join him as the steam rolls into a fog. Soapy, slippery caresses are his way to keep my nipples firm. He holds me under the spray, my back against his chest, his soft cock now nested between my cheeks. I soap my under my arms, across my aching breasts and down to my crotch as he cups each breast and pulls the nipples. I must clean because he is just playing. I bend slightly to accomplish my task and as I do I reach a little farther back to soap his sack and length with a few quick strokes. I feel him stiffen just a bit and moan as he bends over to kiss my back. Not now, we don’t have time I say. His hand reaches between my legs and a finger slides in, but I twist around give him a quick kiss as I pull him under the spray to rinse off.

    As we towel off his phone rings. I am standing at the sink as I finish drying my hair when he comes back. He stands behind me like in the shower and cups my breasts the same. He knows how I like to have my nipples gently pulled. We look at each other in the mirror, we can’t I say. He smiles and reaches down again to finger my clit. You’re a bastard I say. He smiles and slides his finger between my lips. I’m not slick and slippery anymore as the prior evidence was washed away. So he goes back to my little nubbin to play some more. My hands grab the sink edge as I arch my back pushing my ass against his growing erection. He nuzzles against my neck; no time I say. The pressure of his finger tip increases as I watch his eyes twinkle in the mirror reflection; I close mine and moan.

    His finger slides right in this time and I feel his erection grow in the crack of my ass. As his finger spreads my wetness his other hand presses on my shoulders forcing me down as he steps back. I hear him spit and can tell he’s rubbing it on his cock. Then I feel his hands on my ass and thumbs spread me open. Crouching down a little and with a quick hard push his hot cock slides in all the way forcing my hips hard against the sink. This will not be love or nice sex - this is a fuck. He drives in as he pulls me back by the tight grip he has on my hips now. Rapid, like two dogs on the street; we’re both grunting. I’ve got one hand over my tits, mauling, pulling to help build the tingle, it’s near, as close as his is.

    Then with trembling legs and shaking arms I stop, I cum, I sag to the counter. I look up in the mirror to see his eyes closed, mouth open sucking air and I feel the excited thrust of his cock. His eyes open to stare right into mine. There is a loud moan as his last drive is hard and deep, lifting me up onto my toes as I feel the pulse of his orgasm drain his powerful lust into me. He caresses my sweaty back and ass; you’re still a bastard I say. He laughs as he steps back and I feel him slide out. I look between my spread legs as the head pulls free and watch some of his cum drip from me to the floor tile. I hear him step into the shower again. I have little energy even to stand up. My head resting on my arms I close my eyes and feel our fluids now slowly running down my leg: my phone rings.

    It’s my daughter’s ringtone. I let it go to voicemail as I know what I will hear. Where are you mom? No one was here when I got home from school. Why aren’t you home? I suppose I could tell my sixteen year old – well your mom just got royally fucked – twice – in less than two hours. But no, this isn’t family time; this pleasure is mine…all mine.

    D.L. Wood


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