Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sensual senses - We create the sex music

Valya - 021613 - Side B

We create the sex music
each performance a little
different from the previous

It always starts soft
an exhale then a soft, "mmmm"
I wait for the next

The sound of my hand
slowly running down your skin
almost without sound

You hear my breathing
as I kiss, nip, and lick all of you
I hear a sensual sigh

My lips, my hands, all
move in rhythm to your sighs
a cue to your pleasure

My fingers move down
the sex sound of your wetness
as I push deep in

You moan, louder, full
I feel your moan fill me deep
I want you, your moan

Lips move to your sounds
my tongue moves to your breathing
deep moans, so sexual

My fingers and lips
taste all of you, following
what your sighs direct

I hear the tension
each breath faster, each moan louder
my fingers move deep

Your lips open to give
release to the inner sex voice
the sound of release

Your hips move in rhythm
to each moan, each groan, each sigh
each scream of pleasure

The music grows softer
slower as the decrescendo
declines into silence

We only hear our
breathing, a soft moan, and our hearts
We created the sex music



  1. Wonderful poem.

    I've always found it interesting that the facial expressions of the pleasure of love or orgasms can be about the same as acute pain.

    D.L. Wood

  2. That's always struck me as well ... the French don't call orgasm "la petite mort" for nothing! ~Miz B

  3. Agreed. Look at Bernini's classic sculpture capturing The Ecstasy of St. Theresa. - SideB

  4. I guess you say the sex music I make is kinda like heavy metal:

    The sentiments on the surface are nothing personal, but who doesn't like to let loose and do some serious head banging, a lot of ruckus, and just plain strumming mutual sex organs together like you're just angry at the world? Such passion focused on one purpose can be so explosive. It's not wonder why Rock Stars get all to chicks

    Playfully yours,


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