Monday, February 4, 2013

Thank you and you... and especially YOU!

Valya -  020413 - SB

Shadowsexposed premiered just over three weeks ago and is growing beyond our expectations.  During that time, we are relishing some very rewarding numbers.

12 posts (including this one!)
13 Misbehaving members!

2,907 Page Views!

We continue with passion our commitment to bringing sex, sexiness, topical heat, sexy snaps, deeper debates, and the continual encouragement of naughty behavior.  As we write and share more, we are learning more about ourselves, our art, and the world we create in.  We also are learning about YOU!  Thank you for sharing your encouragement, comments, and thoughts.  You are an equal part of our little triangle of naughtiness and make it all that much better.

This grand journey is in its earliest stages.  Keep your eyes, brains, and libido coming back and share the sexy trip deeper into the shadows with us.   

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