Tuesday, February 12, 2013

You'd Better Do That Like You Mean It !

There is no polite way to put this ... I simply despise milquetoast, tentative, half-assed anything!!  There are few things sexier than commitment ... not so much to others as to yourself & your course of action.  Fence-sitting is a waste of energy  better spent leaping into life!   I tell my models and photographers - "I don't care if you work in erotica or not, but if you do, do it like you mean it!"  Ditto for lovers ... you don't have to be into romance ... or bondage ... or role-play.  But if you are going to do it, go all in and do it like you mean it!   If you pull my hair lightly and tap my ass, I'm going to laugh in your face ... you'd better make it hurt and leave a handprint, otherwise leave that to someone who will.  

Go Hard or Go Home - 021213 - Miz B
This particular shoot was a personal favorite ... by the time we wrapped, I felt like I'd spent about 2 straight weeks in SEAL training.  Every muscle in my body hurt ... I'd been twisted and inverted and folded in ways I'd never imagined.   There is no way to "pose" a shoot with that kind of energy ... you experience it at light speed and hope the photographer is on his game and catching the action.  I find one key to getting the best out of models is to put us in our zone and let our attitude shine through ... clearly, when the chemistry clicks and the commitment to a project is genuine - the results speak for themselves!  Shots like this don't come from half-assed expression, and moments like these in life are yours only when you do it like you mean it! 


  1. I used to hold back to some measure out of chivalry.... but that was before I discovered the "Safe Word"

  2. Bravo ... you "get" it! Simple rule - give the lady what she wants ... and if she hands you the reins, she wants you to put her through her paces! Of course, similarly, if she hands you her heart, she wants you to handle it with care. If you can't deliver on either, you have no business accepting that particular gift! ~Miz B

  3. That shot screams sensuality and energy. Is the rest of the set available anywhere?

  4. Thanks Derek! Short answer: not yet ... but stay tuned! ;-)


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