Thursday, March 7, 2013

Secondary touches, furtive glances, & longing unfulfilled

Jacqui - 030713 - SideB

I think there's still such a pull to simple thrills ... sometimes it's a greater rush to surreptitiously brush legs under the table at a dinner with someone forbidden than to go fuck in the bathroom.  ~ Miz B

I agree with Miz B.  There is also something very arousing when you don't touch or interact in those ways and you know (or circumstances dictate) that it cannot go further. Those little perfect moments that developed no further than quick simple touches, longing, but short glances, and other brief connective interactions live for eternity, but only last a breath.  They remain burned into my memory as sweet treats that lasted only for a taste, but always brought back to mind with a distant smile.

Gazes that empty crowded rooms of all but the potential of that passion.  The brush of a hand that sends a shock directly to the core of you, flushing your cheeks even as you drift apart in the crowds.  No names.  No talk.  No idea why.  But for that moment, you were lovers ... your body recognized theirs and longed for them ... almost as if you have been there before, in a different time.  The perfect magic will stay forever unfulfilled ... forever unspoiled ... forever missed ... forever held perfect in your daydreams.

Longing - 030713 - Miz B

What are your favorite experiences like these??


  1. -A handshake that you want to prolong just a little.

    -A brush of a bare arm at cookout.

    -The scent of her perfume as she goes by.

    -Stealing glances up the leg opening of the cute neighbor girls baggy shorts and enjoying the sight of her auburn hairs peaking around the elastic leg band while sharing a beer with her husband.

    -Following a beautiful girl around in a store for a bit just because you can’t believe how gorgeous she is and want the pleasure of looking at her for a few minutes more.

    -Making eye contact with a woman in a restaurant and holding it for a few seconds before she smiles and returns her attention to her husband and two kids.

    -Sitting on a park bench on a summer afternoon watching - perky tits with erect nipples that bounce unrestrained under thin tops, long legs of bare unblemished skin, slim feet with cute toes shown off in sexy sandals, tight shorts painted on fine asses that sway to the ancient dance that make men nod in appreciation, bee stung lips coated with moisturizer – go by.

    -Having it be your lucky day when the office girl of your day dreams, that doesn’t know you exist, gets on the elevator a floor below yours and is then forced back lightly against you as the car fills. Your nose is inches from her hair as you inhale trying to catch a scent of her faint perfume; the back of your hand just barely grazes her ass as you hold the newspaper at your crotch. At the next floor one more squeezes in and this time you don’t mind as she is forced back a little more. Turning her head she apologizes: the genuine sound of her “I’m sorry” and the blue/gray of her eyes up close almost makes you moan. You’d love to lean in and kiss those plump lips but you just say “it’s ok”. If it were not for the paper between you she would feel the erection that has quickly expanded to full strength. It’s all you can do not to move your hand across her tight skirt just to feel her ass yield to the pressure. To pull her back against your hardness, to feel your rapture: but the full car drops the last 17 floors, the doors open and she is gone without a look back. The walk to the bus stop is better tonight. You almost feel like you’ve had sex as your erection relaxes to normal again.

    -Reading a book at the park when you are brought back from the story by excited voices that stop a few feet in front of you. As you look up you see one of the most beautiful camel toes encased in lycra you think you have ever seen. You peer over the top of the book savoring the sight; letting the lewd and lascivious thoughts percolate a bit. Then you look up to find the owner is a young girl just on the cusp of womanhood with her mother and two other women. They are oblivious of you so you openly stare. The girl is looking down at the phone in her hand as she texted; she is slightly behind her mother not part of the conversation. Watching her reading the phone you almost gasp as she reaches down and absently scratches her pussy; she actually pushes the fabric deeper into the recess of her lips as she does. You almost moan as the fabric is so tight now you can clearly see her lips outlined as if the white lycra was a thin coat of paint. Even the slight mound of hair above is visible. I don’t think the girl realizes the sexual being she is right then; but your cock does and not acknowledging her age stiffens a bit. Damn mom don’t you look at your daughter before going out I wonder. The girl crosses her arms over the bottom of the crop top that just hides her immature breasts and checking the phone whines; Mom we gotta go. As you watch them walk down the path you’re glad they can’t arrest you for lewd and lascivious thoughts.

    -For wishing it was your birthday everyday when your favorite cute waitress gives you a kiss on the cheek and a hug. You can feel those firm 30 year old tits briefly press against your shirt as she tells you best wishes – you smile and say thank you – thinking you doubt she really would want to know what your best wish would be.

    Yes I have known and loved a lot of women…..most for only a moment or two.

    D.L. Wood

  2. I had a thought D.L. and then read through your examples and completely lost mine. Thank you, i started to relive my own moments similar to your own...Thank you.


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