Monday, April 29, 2013

Day Dreaming

One of my favorite things about erotic art is it's role as a mini-mental-vacation.   Whether  viewing images that slip me from my daily grind into a special memory or fantasy,  or creating images that will hopefully do the same for others ... I find that mentally sidestepping into another world is very refreshing and calming.

I know there are many advantages to techniques like meditation ... but I am absolutely inept at emptying my mind!  Nature abhors a vacuum and my brain is just too busy.   But the allure of beauty and passion can at least slow me down enough to remember to breathe deeply for a moment.  I defy you to spend 5 minutes visually absorbing these lovely ladies without lowering your blood pressure (if not your pulse!), clearing your mind of minutiae, and smiling at the possibilities that lie outside of your routine.   

Looking forward to sharing another week of erotic getaways with all of you here at shadowsexposed! :-)

Daydreams - 042913 - Miz B

Grace - 042913 - Miz B


  1. It is easy when you truly let your imagination go to get lost in the possibilities of the possible when viewing these images!! thank you for that!

  2. Excellent observation. Human Resource people should look into this to maximize productivity in the labor force. There should be a require quota of boobage and beefcake consumption at periodic intervals each day.


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