Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Forbidden Fruit

Forbidden Fruit - 042413 - Miz B - photo courtesy of Zakka

In discussing another post, reader Warren made this very accurate observation:

Forbidden fruit is always more tempting. 

Freedom to express one's sexuality in the open in no way invalidates the allure of the shadows ... there is something so much more exciting about fulfilling secret desires, concealed in the darkness, and eluding discovery!  

What is the allure of the taboo?   Is it the thrill of the danger that we will be caught?  Is it the naughty feeling of being "bad" and getting away with it?   Is it the elevated value of anything that is rare and nearly unattainable?   I'm going to go with All of the Above!  

Even Adam & Eve, cavorting naked and unashamed in the blissful Garden of Eden could not resist the pull of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil.   Nearly every mythology in history includes certain things that are off limits - and thereby obviously irresistable and the cause of the hero's downfall.   Cautionary tales abound ... but nevertheless, we are drawn to forbidden fruit like moths to the flame.

So let's assume off the top that we've learned through experience that when it comes to forbidden pleasures, the juice is worth the squeeze ... the risks and the potential for disastrous consequences don't even come close to discouraging us because we KNOW that the potential rewards are worth it all!   

We all want to be the wild child sometimes ... we want to be daring and reach for the brass ring.   If someone somewhere doesn't want us to have something, it must be REALLY worth having!   In our jobs, in our daily lives, in our relationships, we may be limited by the rules.  But in our fantasies, we can have it all ... sex is that magical part of life where anything is possible.  Whether through conquests or role-playing, alter-egos or simple imaginings ... the forbidden fruit is in reach.

For me personally, I crave challenge... low hanging fruit holds no appeal.   What really lights my fire is a puzzle ... a quest for a forbidden goal.   Tell me someone can't be had, and their seduction becomes a true prize.   Tell me I mustn't, so I can scheme how I may.   Tell me never, so I can prove you wrong over and over again.   I am contrary, offended by limits, and competitive.   Forbidden fruits are my birthright so grow them atop massive peaks and guard them well ... the sweetness of their harvest is ripened by their taboo!

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  1. How could such a beautiful image be forbidden? Why would it be forbidden? This is a wonderful, sensual image.


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