Sunday, April 14, 2013

Hyde-ing in the Shadows

As promised, this post begins to answer some of the awesome questions posed by our readers!   D.L. Wood asked:  "Do you have a Jekyll and Hyde part of you?"

Those of you not familiar with Robert Louis Stevenson's classic tale Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,  should definitely take the time to savor his tour of the shadows of repression and indulgence of baser desires.  While many seem to consider it a simple tale of split personality, one good & one evil, I believe it to be much more nuanced and accurate exploration of desire and accountability.  Steven Padnick delivers an excellent analysis of Jekyll & Hyde  on!

It seems to me that ALL of us have a craving within us for pleasures not socially acceptable, morally justifiable, or psychologically comfortable.   Control of our impulses separates us from lesser beings ... and from psychopaths!   Interestingly, there is a school of thought  that repression of desire and eventual inappropriate expression of these impulses are not unrelated.   Many sexual sadists are the products of overly religious, intensely repressed homes - especially those where corporal punishment greets early sexual impulses.   It often strikes me that desires and lusts and deep dark fantasies are not as dangerous as the denial of them!  They lose their sting when they lose their shame.  Obviously there are limits to this philosophy  ... most simply defined as the point at which your pleasure is derived at the cost of (unwelcome) pain to another.

I suspect, however, that D.L.'s question was more in the spirit of finding that shadowy alter-ego in each of us ... that slightly wicked side that loves to come out and play when our daily lives aren't watching.   I suppose for me the simplest answer is that Miz B *is* my evil twin ... I don't go to my kids' baseball games in snakeskin, stilettos, and handcuffs ... neither do I go to work/play in sweats and a baseball cap lol!   It is, however, highly debatable which side of me is the truer expression of my spirit ... I would be loathe to choose one persona and limit my entire life to it.  I find it most interesting that neither side is particularly acceptable to the opposite world ... people generally seem to prefer a simple one-dimensional person.  I can almost fathom why the soccer moms who have let themselves go and have no identity of their own would resent Miz B, but I'm baffled as to why the wild-siders would be threatened by a dishwashing, laundry folding, taxi-driving domestic goddess?!   Make no mistake, wherever I focus your eye, the shadows still conceal the entirety of me.   I may not be able to have it all (at the same time!) but I will absolutely BE all of me!  

My take on the Jekyll/Hyde dichotomy goes beyond the sexual.  My nom de plume here is inspired by it.  It harkens back to the vinyl days of music where we had to get up and flip a record to get to the music on the other side.  I believe we all have a Side A, B, and more.  I have my work side, my family side, my lover side, my art side, etc.  All of these have vestiges of each other, but are unique.  While I appreciate the need to separate these different sides of me for protection, privacy, and respect to others, I also realize that by so rigorously segregating these sides, I am not sure if any single person has seen all my sides.   By being so segregated or compartmentalized, am I holding myself back from being a more whole human?  

As an artist, I find that every model has more than one persona - and the thrill for me is in bringing them out!   Enjoy two sides of the gorgeous Asia from a recent shoot in Austin, Texas ... with which would you rather spend an afternoon?

Nymph - 041413 - Miz B

Asia - 041413 - Miz B


  1. Yes I believe we all have a bit of Jekyll and Hyde in us. With most of us it’s our way to try, as you say, “be something more than a simple one-dimensional person”. We turn it on and off as innocent as the transformation of house wife, bring the cookies and juice soccer mom to a snakeskin, stilettos, and handcuffs take no prisoners ultra-sexual woman her lover craves like candy on the pillow when she appears.

    Sometimes we start as Jekyll did with a simple occasional transformation that seems to create a side that has a little freer conscience that opens up a little more moral freedom. But as Jekyll found out; a few sips of this potion can possibly lead to the darker side, as you pointed out, a craving that involuntarily comes out to play when Hyde wants to, not when you want it to.

    Jekyll and Hyde was not a simple good and evil flip. Jekyll was not pure goodness because without the resident evil buried deep inside him; Hyde would not have ever existed. We all have a little darkness that might emerge with the first – sip – inhale – needle - caress – kiss – lick - cum – slap - bite of leather – or whatever releases those pesky endorphins we learn to want again and again.

    As for “…why the wild-siders would be threatened by a dish washing, laundry folding,…" Why would this threat not be as valid as going the other way? I think this is where many famous people fail. What: me be a blend in everyday nondescript ordinary person?

    “I am not sure if any single person has seen all my sides.” My daughter once said to me: Oh Dad I know you so well. During my verbal – you sure do - was the silent Mr. Hyde saying - you know some but not all and that’s a good thing.

    And last but not least - Asia…..which would you rather spend an afternoon?
    As beautiful as she is…hell I’d be greedy and both J&H would want to play. Early we’d have a nice shoot so the camera could caress the curves with light as my hands would in the night. Then we would maybe slide on over to The Parlor, play some pinball, grab some pizza and a couple of cold beers. Then if Ray Wylie Hubbard was playing; it would be a little road trip down 35 to Gruene Hall for some great Texas music. Then it would be back to Austin where some leather cuffs would be waiting to help pull on the tension she’s been building as I played with the wireless egg she has had tucked inside all afternoon and I would get to go nose to nose with Mr. Skull and Crossbones.

    D.L. Wood

  2. Since there are (mostly) two sides to us, there are two sides to sex: Fucking and making love. I would like to know what are your thoughts when you are fucking, and what are your thoughts when you're making love. Or do you think at all?

    1. Hmmm ... intriguing question! I'm not a huge fan of thinking in bed - sex is more of an escape from thought for me. When fucking, I'm not thinking - I'm in a baser place of animal instinct and primal physicality. When making love, I'm not thinking - I'm feeling, sensually and spiritually. So I suspect if thinking comes into play, I'm in neither space and just happen to be going through some motions naked while I continue thinking about myriad things unrelated to the encounter! ~Miz B

  3. I also believe that there are several sides to us that come out to play when it's appropriate. Most people won't embrace their darker impulses as they are afraid of the social consequences. Something that came to mind when I was reading the latest entry was balancing those personas. It's hard to balance life. Doing everything we do in moderation is not something most of do well or even keep in mind to do so. Eating too much, socializing too much (applies when you have children), too much sex (usually doesn't apply, but rather too much of the darker impulses - bondage, spanking). Balance is important to every aspect of our lives. Do you think you can touch on this at some point on your blog? I would love to read your wordage on this.
    Oh and I would enjoy Asia's company in either picture She would look good in bubbles too I have to admit that I don't just see the T&A anymore. What you capture is also in the eyes and facial expressions. It invokes questions as to what was on their minds. I remember the one with the gal standing next to a car looking back with that expression on her face like "You did what?" and she wasn't happy about it. I love that!


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