Tuesday, April 2, 2013

More questions, please.

Leila Swan - 040213 - SideB

We received some questions from our fantastic readers.  Please continue sending them!

Are you shy?
Are you afraid of shocking or offending us?
Don't worry!  We can keep your questions anonymous.  You can ask via the blog comments or by sending an email to shadowsexposed@gmail.com.

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  1. Maybe sexual – Maybe not
    What dream has come true for you?
    What is the most wonderful thing you’ve seen?
    What is the most wonderful thing you’ve been told?
    What gives you hope?
    What do you regret?
    What is the worst thing anyone has told you?
    What’s the worst thing you’ve seen?
    What gives you a tingle of joy by just thinking about it?
    What temps you?
    Can you keep a secret?
    If you could say you’re sorry to someone who would never hear it: who would it be?
    If tomorrow you could do something you’ve never done before: what would it be?
    What is your worst nightmare?
    What makes you feel creepy?
    Do you have a jekyll and hyde part of you?
    What would you never do?
    What would you like to do but never would?
    You could hurt anyone without anyone knowing, physically or any part of their life: would you?
    If you could become invisible at will – what would you do with that power?
    What do you judge people by when first meeting them?
    All Sexual –
    Does religion play any part in your sex life?
    What makes you sexually attracted to someone?
    What makes someone sexually unattractive?
    What part of your body do you like?
    What part of your body don’t you like?
    What part of a fuck is the best?
    What part of a fuck don’t you like or could do without?
    At what age did you discover you had sexual feelings?
    Did your parents or anyone ever explain sex to you?
    What part of sex do you wish you had been told about but wasn’t?
    At what age did you lose your virginity?
    Did you lose your virginity in the way you thought you would?
    Was your first fuck a good or bad experience?
    What surprised you about having sex?
    What makes your pussy wet or gives you an erection just by thinking about it?
    Where is the most public place you have had sex with someone?
    Have you ever masturbated in public?
    Have you ever masturbated at work?
    Have you ever intentionally flashed a stranger just for your own excitement?
    Have you ever refused to have sex with someone you really wanted to fuck?
    Could you have or just be a fuck buddy?
    Have you ever woken up after being wasted and wonder if you had sex?
    Have you ever woken up after being wasted and knew you had sex, but not who with?
    Does alcohol make sex better or worse?
    Is good sex more physically or psychologically based for you?
    What non-sexual thing is sexual to you?
    Is there anything that turns you on sexually but you are afraid of?
    The most times you’ve had sex in 24 hours?
    How many times have you fucked without getting out of bed?
    Have you ever had sex just to please the other person?
    Have you ever had sex with someone you never expected to?
    Have you ever used sex to get something you want; that you couldn’t get any other way?
    What “must” you have to achieve orgasm?
    Have you ever begged to be fucked?
    Have you ever peed in or on someone?
    Has someone ever peed in or on you?
    Do you have a fetish?
    If someone made an Indecent Proposal to you – how much would it take?
    Have you ever fulfilled a fantasy only to be disappointed?
    Is giving oral sex a pleasure or a chore?
    Have you ever ate pussy right after coming in it?
    Has anyone ever ate your pussy soon after coming in it?
    Has anyone ever ate someone else’s cum from your pussy?
    Is there any part of sex you now like but didn’t at one time?
    Sex during menstruation – Love it, can’t do, inhibiting, better, no difference?
    Have you ever masturbated instead of having sex with your partner?
    Have you ever had sex with one person while thinking of another?
    If a man stares at you in a public place – do you always take it as sexual?
    When you dress sexy; is it more to please yourself or other people?

    Well that’s a good sexual number - 69 questions to ponder, discuss or ignore.

    You have the tags wrong. 8-)
    Leila, reality, SideB = Art

    D.L. Wood

  2. Are areolas and nipples an under appreciated body part of a woman?
    Are women concerned with the size of their labias or not?
    Are the lines blurred in your art if you showed penetration? (orally included)
    Are they blurred if moisture or erection was on display?

    Logical Theorist


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