Thursday, April 11, 2013

The quickie

Valya - 041113 - Side B
The quickie.  It means many different things.  It can be the quick tryst against the wall in an alley.  You may remember that time you pulled to the side of the road and fogged the windows. After these moments end we go about our day with sly smile and slightly funny walk.

The quickie is one of those little treats in our lives like carnal ice cream cones.  They make that moment special, last only few brief minutes, and leave a little mess.


  1. This put me in mind of a George Clinton track ... may need to cut n paste - I'm not sure that links come up right in comments!

    I concur Side B ... sometimes you aren't in the mood for, or life doesn't allow, a 5 course gourmet meal - all you really need is to hit a quick drive thru! :-)

  2. The Miguel song comes to mind when I read this. Quickies are like the Oreo creme for me. I don't want the whole cookie at that moment. just let me split the it, and lick the creme to satisfy that hunger


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