Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Changing the meaning

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I've known conflicting meanings for the word Bitch.  One of the first times I remember hearing the word was an old farmer talking about his female dog going into heat.  I didn't know what heat was and I wondered why he didn't refer to the dog by her name.  Later, I had to ask my dad what bitch meant and he said that some people call girl dogs that and that it is also a nasty word for a woman.

Since then, I learned that it meant so much more, especially when used as a name or to describe a woman.  Sadly, I've called a few women bitches over the years, something I am not proud of now.  I usually used it to describe a woman that pissed me off.

There have been many good articles about how successful or powerful women, especially in leadership are called bitches while men showing same characteristics are called favorable terms.  What changed my mind on how I view women and bitches was from a simple Saturday Night Live bit with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler.

Bitches Get Stuff Done!
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I now view the word bitch as an honorific.  As Tina says, "Bitches get stuff done!"  I respect the bitches I know.  They have power, they have agency, and they deserve respect.  

Now, I am not saying there aren't women that piss me off for how they treat me, others, or how they behave.  I prefer the gender neutral term that is usually reserved for men - asshole.  We all know an asshole when we interact with him or her.  The characteristics are the same for either gender and I feel it better describes the bad behaviors she/he exhibits.  I confess that I've been called an asshole, sometimes deservedly.  

You'd be shocked {OR NOT!} to hear how often people guess that Miz B is short for Bitch ... I find the word rather empowering when it's used as part of a lil temper tantrum when someone doesn't get their way, offensive when used as a dismissive, and amusing when used as a lame compliment, as in "You are one bad bitch!" to which I usually reply, "You have NO idea!"   I'm not likely to use it as an insult toward a woman (the "C" word being my preferred verbal grenade) ... though I do find it to be particularly effective when used sparingly to refer to men!    

“I'm tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch, okay.”


Another word that I think needs to be re-defined is slut.  We can save that for another post though.   {Yayyyyy - cannot wait for that discussion!!}

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  1. I'm leaning less and less from using the term "Bitch" as a derogatory term. However, using it as a term of endearment can be a slippery slop unless the object of one's endearment has a mutual understanding with the other. Ironically, the term "Bitch" is probably more degrading when used towards men as it hints that one is weak and cowardly. Normally, the only time I used said term for endearment is during more "intimate" moments where some spanking and hear pulling is also involved.

    Now if I just want to be intentionally insulting towards a woman (and we ALL have those moments where are deliberately insulting), I usually reserve the "C" word for those moments.


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