Saturday, May 25, 2013

Here I Go, Here I Go, Here I Go Again ... Girls, what's my weakness? MEN!!

Let's be honest ... a huge proportion of erotic art is dedicated to the female form.   Oftentimes men - if they are present at all - are nothing more than the prop to the woman - like a fabulous accessory with a pulse!   Even in porn, men tend to be underpaid and enjoy less celebrity than women.   The obvious exception to this is in gay-targeted art ... I came to the conclusion years ago that the best source for male eye-candy was going to be on gay sites, in gay galleries, and the portfolios of gay photographers.   Which honestly is just fine by me ... it's not like I plan to try to date these models - I just want to enjoy their amazing images.  Gay, straight, bi, celibate, nice, jerk ... doesn't really matter to me when it comes to appreciation of a man's photos & videos! 

Candyman - 052513 - Miz B

I've heard people say that naked women are beautiful and naked men are funny.  I would propose that they are looking at the wrong naked men!   There is such an awesome variety of masculinity ... lean, muscled, baby-faced, rugged, gentle eyes, wicked grins ... I could go on and on!  As a connoisseur of form and beauty, energy and eroticism, I'm lucky to be able to say that it's my job to indulge my senses in the quest for models who fit my projects.   I find both men and women to be sensual and yummy ... but there is a raw, dynamic energy in men that inspires me.   There is such a contrast between their physical power and their tenderness - and it's a rush to never know which facet is heading your way in any given moment.  

Adonis - 052513 - Miz B

Bottom line, from their skin to their grin, from their eyes to their thighs, from their winking to their thinking ... men are simply my drug of choice and I never tire of capturing their sexiness for posterity!

I've always loved the Salt-N-Pepa anthem to the variations of male awesomeness:


  1. I'd comment on the topic, but I have to get back to the photo of Mix B. Erotic as hell!

  2. Hello there Dave o from tagged here.
    I must say it's refreshing to hear a woman's perspective on the male form because in this new men's health/ metros equal age we are as body conscious as the women
    But the fact is male or female the body is a shell...personality gives it context,depth, nuance, and texture

    1. I concur ... the superficial isn't enough ... but sometimes it's a helluva great start! lol

  3. I just had this conversation with a couple of women and they both agreed that men's penises were either ugly, or funny looking. Do you think this is a societal thing, that women would change their opinion given more time around these organs, or are they just right?

    1. Hmmm ... I run into this all the time. Sometimes I'm tempted to over-analyze the reaction and look for deep symbolism in their disdain for the penis. Certainly tho, there are times when any part of any of us is less than attractive. I'd be curious to hear what words they would use to describe various photos of male anatomy. Is the flaccid penis foolish and the erect mouthwatering? Does it all depend on the viewer's mood and to whom the penis is attached? Does size matter in aesthetic perception? Sounds like a call to action ... guess I need to shoot a new series and try to determine which factors influence positive/negative reactions!! :-D It's a rough gig, but somebody needs to take one (pun intended lol!) for the team!!

    2. It is odd. Bouncing boobs ...attractive ...bouncing dick...ah not so much
      And I hate to speak for the fairer sex but context is everything ! Who it is attached to and in the case of porn the attractiveness of the background makes a world of difference
      So question is....
      Why do we men still send the unsolicited 'dick pic'

    3. Bwahaha ... now that is one of the enduring mysteries of the universe, Dave? I never ignore those unsolicited dick pics, I'm always too curious ... "I've just GOT to ask ... what exactly is the appropriate response to what you just sent me? I mean, I think I'm missing a page of the script. Is this the part where I'm supposed to be so in awe that I suggest that we just hurry up and meet so you can dick me down? Or ask, Where has this perfect penis been all my life?! Seriously, man, who on EARTH does this work on?!" smh

      On a serious note, I concur that context is everything ... taken in isolation, a lot of our parts n pieces are less than appealing ... but taken as a whole, the effect can be quite overwhelming. Obviously our experiences shape our perceptions as well ... I've known women who describe erections as "angry and terrifying" :-O and others who view a flaccid organ as "pathetic and sad." I am absolutely certain this tells us a lot more about their psychology than the quality of the manhood they are experiencing!


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