Sunday, May 19, 2013

Never Say Never Again

One of my personal mottos in life is "Try everything twice, in case the person you did it with the first time didn't know what they were doing!"   I was lucky to be raised by a mother who always insisted that "You can't say you don't like it if you've never tried it!"  And of course good ole James Bond taught me to "Never Say Never Again!"

Too many people confuse preferences with absolute limits, mistaking habits for boundaries.  Obviously, this is true in many aspects of life, but let's talk about them in the context of sex, shall we? ;-)  Some limits are non-negotiable.   I don't care how hot you are or how into the moment I am, you won't be able to talk me into permanent bodily injury, bestiality, pedophilia, or bathroom games (and no I don't mean sex in the shower lol!).   But what about those limits that hang out in the gray areas of life?  Those things that you find uninteresting or slightly uncomfortable.   I'm not into a lot of kinks, but I'm not averse to trying them with someone who is.   If experience has taught me anything, it's that life has a way of delivering exceptions to almost every rule.  One needn't be into rough sex to find a perfectly timed ass-slap inspiring!   

Many moons ago, I was dabbling with an adorable submariner from Kansas {of all places lol!} ... we were discussing boundaries and I playfully mentioned that I was game for just about anything as long as he didn't want to suck my toes.  Imagine my shock when his face fell as if I'd just taken away his birthday and Christmas all at once!   Turns out he was a truly devoted foot-fetishist and I'd just chopped off his fantasy at the knees!   After talking it over, I still couldn't even pretend to be into letting him worship my feet ... and he'd been warned that I was VERY ticklish, so he was taking his life in his own hands by heading way way down south to explore.   Yet he was so honest and earnest ... and I had to admit that aside from a reflexive kick to his charming head the exploration was unlikely to harm anyone.   So with zero expectation of enjoying the experience, I acquiesced and opened myself to the possibility that it wouldn't be toooo awful!  After all, reciprocity is key to great sexual relationships and I found him more than willing to indulge my preferences as well.

Sole Mate - 051913 - Miz B

Had he zeroed in on my toes from the jump, I'm quite certain it would have been disastrous.   But knowing that wasn't my thing, he did what all smart men do - he gave the lady what she wanted and teased himself with a torturous scenic route on the way to his promised land.   By the time he got where he wanted to be, I was delirious enough with him that I barely thought about what he was doing.   My pre-conceived distaste for the idea of what he was doing had been absolutely lost in the passion with which he did it.   Were my tootsies miraculously transformed to an erotic zone?   Not even close.   But was my entire body and mind attenuated to find his every move erotic and mesmerizing?  Hell yes.   I can count on one hand the number of times in life I've seen anyone so absorbed in erotic focus ... so absolutely intent on giving pleasure and being fulfilled by doing so.  As many other things as we did, he was never sexier than he was at my soles!

Had anyone told me that I would enjoy that experience, I'd have been willing to place money against them.   Had anyone told me that man would manage to bring me to a mind-blowing orgasm simply by adoring my feet, I'd have laughed them out of the building!   But 007 was right ... one should never say never.   I can die a happy woman without another single foot experience.  He didn't convert me, but he did open my mind.  Any journey into the shadows can yield surprise adventures, if you have the right tour guide and a willingness to trust them to show you the delights off your beaten path!  Bon Voyage, dear Readers ... we look forward to hearing about your travels! 

Curl My Toes - 051913 - Miz B

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