Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Through a Glass Darkly ... Beyond the Peeping Tom Taboo

We have such sights to show you!  ~Pinhead in Hellraiser

I'm going out on a limb here when I say that most of you probably have a strong voyeuristic streak!  Simply put, the term comes from the French voyeur , "one who looks."  So many elements of sex are highly visual that it's no surprise we find watching erotic.   Of course, part of what makes voyeurism so exciting is its illicit nature ... the idea that those we view are unaware of our presence, that we are somehow peeking behind the curtains to see a reality usually hidden in the privacy of shadows.

Through a Glass Darkly - 052913 - Miz B

So what is so very exciting about watching someone's passions from the safety of our own shadows?   Perhaps it has something to do with our own distance ... there is nothing required of us by the experience, no demands from a partner, no judgement of our desires.   We need be concerned only with our own pleasure as we peer into the interactions of others.  I believe the other major appeal for the voyeur is the honesty of what we see.   In almost all interactions with others, we know that on some level they are wearing masks ... they show us what they want us to see.   As a voyeur, you get to glimpse how someone is in unguarded, wholly vulnerable moments.   Many "swingers" delight in the perspective they gain by observing their partner in flagrante delicto with someone else.   In the abandon of orgasm, we lose control and all artifice falls away.   Watching someone in this very raw and primal state is incredibly exciting!  

Windows on My World - 052913 - Miz B

What are some of your favorite memories and fantasies involving voyeurism?  Let's peek through the curtains together and peer into those shadows, shall we?


  1. Your comment on swingers is dead on I think, and the Latin is a favorite turn of phrase of mine. For me, being on the outside of a lover, seeing their face, watching them move, knowing what their partner is experiencing, having been there myself, is one of the greatest pleasures in life. I know so many guys who are worried, or turned off by thinking of their partners with another man, yet, I do not personally get it. I think it is great to know my partner is getting what she wants, perhaps needs, in someone else's embrace (I am no superman, I can not do it all for every woman); however, when I am actually present to experience it as a viewer, perhaps out of the corner of my eye while I am also indisposed, comes close to my definition of perfection. Voyeurism should extend from that, from the internalization of what you are seeing. From taking what your eyes are seeing and making that something your body responds to. A caution though; a voyeur should not always be someone who experiences the positives of life [like erotica] though. I think for a healthy society, we as voyeurs must also internalize the bad we see from our perch, and let that repulsion create a response. This action would hopefully benefit society as a whole...whether the voyeuristic material is positive or negative.
    What you have captured in your work is lovely. I can look at this picture and imagine your experience quite vividly. Thank you for that.

    1. Fabulous point on absorbing the negative we spy as well ... I believe far too many people will gladly ogle through their curtains when the woman next door washes her car in a bikini, but will close them tight and turn up the tv when she is getting smacked around. Also a great take on watching one's partner ... I find voyeurs to be less ego-driven in general ... i.e. I don't need to feel that I am the center of every show and the cause of all my partner's pleasure ... we are all part of the flow of sexual energy and I'm happy to lie on the beach and watch them surf sometimes! :-)


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