Thursday, May 30, 2013

You may have noticed ...

You may have noticed that things have been pretty quiet from Side B lately.   As much as we all love to frolic in the shadows, sometimes life has other priorities.   While still very passionate about his art and shadowsexposed, Side B needs to take a hiatus from blogging with me and focus on other commitments right now.   Obviously, without him shadowsexposed would never have started and we will miss his inputs ... and hopefully soon he'll be able to take an active role here once again!  

In  the interest of keeping some varying perspectives and styles here, I'm hoping to find some guest bloggers to balance out my sassy self!   Hit me up if you'd like to contribute your thoughts or your work ... it's simply more fun around here with more minds at play!   

Thanks again to everyone for the incredible support you've shown thus far ... I'm having a blast in the blog-iverse and look forward to getting into a lot more mischief with you all through this hot wild summer!   Till next time, carpe diem and all that jazz!

Danse Joyeuse - 053013 - Miz B

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