Friday, June 7, 2013

Erotic Interludes ... The Grand Opening

We hit the city with just enough time to drop our bags in the suite and enjoy a relaxed dinner - melt in your mouth filet, buttery crab, a crisp local Riesling.

Life is good, the night is young, and we laugh our way back to the hotel to get dressed for the spotlight.

Smoking little black dress:  check.
Crisp pressed dress shirt:  check.
Sky high stilettos:  check.
Rolex:  check.
Jewelry, hair, makeup:  check.
Fresh edge:  check.
All systems go for the hot new club grand opening gig.

It all starts with a zipper.   With the best of intentions, we are putting on the ritz, focused on the red carpet night ahead ... the cab has been called, the bottles are on ice waiting for us in the VIP.   But that damn zipper ... 

Strong fingers tug while soft lips murmur against the back of my neck.  Dizzied by his cologne, I lean back into powerful arms.  Pressed to powerful chest, breath catching in my throat ... where were we going again?   No no no ... the zipper ... you were helping me with my zipper.   

And back to the zipper he goes, and it slides slowly with that delicious sound ... but down instead of up.  The perfect dress pools on the floor ... thick fingers tangle in perfect curls ... hungry mouths smear crimson lipstick  ... and minutes dissolve into steamy hours.   From the couch to the balcony, the bed to the shower ... our hearts drop the beat, the city is our flashing lights, and our cocktails are licked from each other's skin.   We celebrate a grand opening indeed ... with a guest list of two.   As dawn breaks over the cityscape, the night music fades, revelry slips into contentment ... and we curl together in pillowy linens, savoring the best party we never attended.

Make It Rain - 060713 - Miz B


  1. Wow! It's not even 6:30 on Friday night, but reading this topic and viewing the picture may end up being the highlight of the weekend. This is so erotic and steamy!!!!

  2. The best part of this is what was left out. Too often in this age of the internet the nuance is lost. What is between the lines is sexier than spelling out. The spaces where your mind can pause and that is sexy!

    1. Great observation! The overt content of this post and also of the entire blog is incredibly erotic. However, on another level, the content also stimulates my fantasies and imagination. On a personal note, this blog combines some of the most sensual concepts and images in a wonderfully intelligent way. Great job to the owners and contributors.

    2. Thanks guys! I absolutlely love that our readers here tend to be imaginative and enjoy filling in the shadows with their own wicked visions! I'm so delighted that you are finding a balance here between the tease and the fulfillment - it's a delicate line to walk as an artist and a woman! I think at heart I am an old-school classic burlesque queen - not afraid to show a lil something, but fully aware that what is not shown is most highly sought & prized! :-) To me the sexiness of this blog lies in your inputs ... nothing against artistic and literary masturbation, but I definitely prefer being joined in the romp by you gentlemen! :-D

  3. And we enjoy the dance as well. I was thinking of this on my ride in today and while i feel a bit of a lummox in the creation of art, i like to think i can appreciate and comment on it when i do
    Your description of yourself as a burlesque dancer is apt. The sensual over the sexual....the brazen while still leaving things to the imagination

    And i have said this before but your use of words and image would be amazing on tumblr!!!


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