Sunday, June 2, 2013

Mmmmm You Know What a Girl Likes to Hear!!

There is a dark twisted vein that runs from the base of my neck, down my back, thru my heart, and into my loins ... and for some reason this site stimulates it!  ~Rob

Well, color me tickled pink!   Comments like that definitely fuel my drive to expand the reach of shadowsexposed ... more contributors, more readers, more amazing erotic art!   Obviously, *I* love what I do ... but there is always something so exciting and rewarding about finding a connection with like minds.   Passions shared are passions fed!   Thanks, Rob, for allowing us to pulse thru that delicious twisted vein of yours! :-)

Asia Unleashed - 060213 - Miz B

I'm also loving all the feedback for our models ... and encourage you to leave more comments for them on the photos that light your fire!  It is always exciting for one's work to be featured and fun to see the feedback ... I try to pass on the "fanmail"  that hits my inbox, but sometimes I can't keep up with everything, so commenting here is a better way to show your appreciation!   We're very lucky to have an articulate, artistic, and intelligent readership, so I will forgo my usual pleas that everyone keep their comments classy! ;-)

Step Into My Parlor - 060213 - Miz B

"The true man wants two things: danger and play. For that reason he wants woman, as the most dangerous plaything." ~Nietzsche

Spotlight on Asia - 060213 - Miz B

Mmm mmm mmm ... have I mentioned that I love my job?!   Enjoy these exclusive images of the lovely Asia!   I suspect that she'll be dancing through the shadows in our dreams ... what a delicious way to start our week!


  1. A woman's shoulders are the
    frontlines of her mystique.
    And her neck, if she's alive,
    has the very mystery of a
    border town. It's the no
    man's land in the battle
    between mind and body.

    1. *Shivers* ... could you say that again, only whispered against the back of my neck? Pretty please? ;-)

  2. The heat of a lovers breath can almost be more powerful than the words spoken. As marshall macluhan said, the medium is the message


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