Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Touch Me

What is it about a man's hands?   You can tell a lot about a man by his hands, both by how they look and how they are used ... what he does for a living, how well he keeps himself up, and how safe you are in his care.   I love feeling tiny and delicate in the grasp of strong hands ... rough, clean, gentle hands give me shivers, no doubt about it!   

Touch, like so many other basics, seems to be a lost art these days.   Everyone is in such a hurry to jump directly to intercourse, that the erotic discoveries of touch have all but disappeared!  Newsflash people ... if you take the scenic route on the way to penetration, you will not only have more fun - you'll have better sex in the end!  

Whether you are a man or a woman, your hands are tantalizing tools ... able to convey more than any other body part.   They can caress, stroke, tickle, squeeze, massage, hold, tug, tease, penetrate, spread, spank, and twist.   They can do all of the above playfully, roughly, delicately, lovingly, or brutally.   Best of all, they can do all these things while you kiss, hug, talk, lick, and fuck.   Touch can be isolated or it can complement other senses.  It can surprise, comfort, overwhelm, or calm.   It can be the difference between mechanical "tab A in slot B" sex and an intense sensual connection.  

Touch Me - 061213 - Miz B

I vividly remember my shock and delight when an unexpected touch technique turned convenient sex into a mind-altering experience.  After a doggie-style induced orgasm, I was happy just to find my partner savvy enough to pause a moment a let me catch my breath.  But while waiting for the stars to clear my vision,  panting in the pillows, I realized that his hands - so fiercely gripping my hips a moment before - were now gliding up my spine, thumbs pressing and probing the center groove, fingers massaging up my sides.  His hot palms engulfed my shoulders - not for purchase in his thrusts, merely to surround me and soothe the tension from my still quivering frame.   It was so unexpected, so selfless, and so sensual ... his hands relaxed me so completely, his touch captivated me so suprisingly.  When I began to arch to his touch with renewed passion, our joining had changed completely.   Were we suddenly more than a wild night of spontaneous chemistry?  No - never saw him again.   I never knew his name, but I absolutely remember every detail about him.   He is not just another ghost in the shadows of memory ... he changed me, taught me, and truly touched me.   His hands are in my Hall of Fame and his touch echoes thru my encounters till this day - my hands pay it forward and perhaps yours can too!   

Touch Me II - 061213 - Miz B


  1. WOW! What an incredible topic and photos! This may be about hands, but my tongue (and an other appendage) got hard reading this.....

  2. What helps us to remember the passing encounters like this is the different. The touch unexpected...that least to the lingering connection.
    Its why I remember the almosts more than the deals that were sealed

    1. Not sure if you've had a chance to cruise our archives, but we completely agree - the almosts are often the greatest! If you click on the label "brief interludes" on the right, you can see some of our thoughts on the topic! :-)

  3. That I have not but now I think I must!
    Really enjoying the blog mz


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