Sunday, June 30, 2013

What is it about you?

 I know it is good to be honestly confident, but humble.  By living that way, we can better empathize with others, yet have the belief in ourselves to get the job and get the job done right.  With all that  humility stuff out of the way, let's share that special something that about you that attracts others.  My only rule is that your answer is something about your physical appearance, you also have to share something intrinsic about you that makes you so damn attractive.

Gabbi - 063013 - SideB
So, what makes others hot for you?

I will say for myself, physically, it is my height (6'4").  Personality wise, it is a mixture of my dry sense of humor and and my quiet nature that lends itself to being a good listener. 

Now it is your turn.  What is it about you?


  1. I have good hair

  2. Physically, I'm pretty sure the top vote getter would be my perky evil twins ... though I have to give mama props for the great leg genes as well! Personality? I'll have to go with my unrestrained passion ... I think people find it addictive to be around someone who is open and free and generally uninhibited. I tend to be a catalyst that allows other people to let go, even if just for a few moments :-) {And anonymous, I'd have to disagree - you have GREAT hair!! ;-) }


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