Sunday, July 21, 2013

I'm bored ... take your clothes off!

In reading Side B's last post, I had one overriding thought - that I pick models exactly the same way ... except completely differently!! :-D  His very well thought and logical process does happen in my studio as well ... but I guess I'm not really conscious of it most of the time.   Nobody here will be surprised to hear that I tend to follow my passions and they lead me to the right model at the right time!   The quest for, and decision to team with, a model in my world is clearly just another form of seduction.

I agree with Side B that sometimes there is a particular creative itch that needs scratched - either because of a client's parameters or because I have a concept that is battering relentlessly at my subconscious, screaming for fulfillment.  I know exactly what I'm hungering for, and I begin to look for it everywhere I go.   Obviously it helps to be social and shameless ... I'll talk the guy bagging my groceries or my local librarian into taking their clothes off for our lens without hesitation!  Fortunately, these days I have an extensive body of work to lend credibility to the pitch ... in the early days,  I suspect that many potential models were pretty sure I was just a cougar on the prowl (fortunately this rarely dissuaded them from posing and they eventually forgave me for my lack of ulterior motives!)

Lay Me Down - 072113 - Miz B

I think my favorite experience, though, is the magical moment when I see someone, either for the first time or in a new light, and suddenly that huge lightbulb goes off in my head (or more accurately a laser light show with full soundtrack and a little fog just for kicks!).  I call it a "muse moment."  Most of us do this in our heads to some extent (think of that person you saw at the mall and had a sudden fantasy of them pressing you against the wall and nuzzling your neck - that's not just me is it?!) but never act on it.   Fortunately for me, I get to go talk to that person and suggest that they would be the perfect person to press me against a wall and nuzzle my neck - while a photog captures the magic for posterity!
Nina - 072113 - Miz B

Just as sexual chemistry is often mysterious and unexpected, the same can be said about the creative chemistry that happens with a model.   I am often right about who will be a good match at first sight, but I am also open to the pleasant surprises!   I vividly remember a shoot I'd cast in Heidelberg, Germany.  There were 4 men involved, and I was pretty sure I knew which one I'd "click" with on set. I also knew which one I was not particularly impressed with.  Turns out I was WAY off base!  The camera, however, never lies.   It's a funny thing how some people get in front of a camera and just lock up.  And how others suddenly turn on that mega-watt je ne sais quoi and OWN the set.   Turns out the model I was excited to work with was nearly a dud, and the one I almost passed up joined me in making some of the most intensely erotic photos of my career (on either side of the camera)!   Life lessons - it's never just about someone's look or day to day persona ... it's about who they are when the lights come on (or go out, as the case may be)!     

Years ago, I ran a male revue in paradise (Aloha, Honolulu!  Howzit?).  Part of my interview process was to meet in a public place, converse for awhile, flirt a little (necessary skill in that line of work), and then look at the candidate and say "I'm bored, take your clothes off!"  Their response to this was the best indicator I'd found for how well they'd do and how much money they'd make for both of us.   Mind you, it wasn't a yes or no question ... and it wasn't  necessary that he get naked in Starbucks to get hired - but it was necessary that he kept his cool, and either played along or managed to make me smile at how he declined.   It wasn't the skin that was sexy, it was the playful spirit, the attitude, the tease.   The same applies to models - I don't particularly care if they are willing to do full nudes or erotica, but I do insist that they keep us all hoping that they just might if we can inspire them properly!  

Life Is Good - 072113 - Miz B

I know from my experiences modelling that the trust and chemistry with a photographer evolves over time and shows through in the photos.   On either side of the camera, I want to work with people who create images that the viewer swears are real, not Memorex.   If you look at my work and think "that's a posed shot and they are not really into each other or having fun," then I've failed.   If viewers are absolutely certain that it's a free for all, hair on fire orgy every single time I step on set, they'd be wrong, but I'd be overjoyed!  My models and photographers share this vision - they put in the work & play to create genuine energy in the moment and they are fearless.  They bring many shapes, sizes, colors, orientations, kinks, opinions, fetishes, loves, fears, and feelings to every shoot ... but every single one of them brings honesty and an adventurous spirit.   The number one qualification is a genuine comfort in one's own skin.   If any of us look sexy, passionate, happy, satisfied, or any of the other yummy things we try to convey, it's because in that moment, we are!  I can photoshop for physical perfection, but I can't give someone a personality.   Even when there are breasts and buttocks alllll over my set, a huge number of the "keeper" images will be the ones that focus on that mischievous twinkle of an eye or the unguarded flash of a genuine smile.    Don't pose for me ... just let loose and BE with me ... the photog will do the rest!

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  1. Seriously, has any man ever refused to pose with you? That would be like turning down an All Purpose Pass to Heaven! Also, is your portfolio available anywhere? I'd love to see the totality of your work.


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