Monday, August 19, 2013

Calling All Muses! Creative Spark Contest - Help Us Bring YOUR Fantasy to Life!

Creative Spark - 081913 - Miz B

We're excited to announce our first ever shadowsexposed contest!  Side B & I were discussing some of the awesome feedback and comments we've had from our sexy readers.   We're inspired by your insights, passions, and ideas.  Then, it hit us:  why don't we take that a step further and bring you directly into our creative process?  Why don't we make some art together!?  

Comment or email us this week with your favorite erotic vision - that fantasy that never fails to arouse you.   The more detail, the better ... create a visual for us, and we'll bring it to life in a custom photo shoot!  Here's your chance to expose some of your most erotic fantasies to this incredible audience, so come out and play with us! 

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  1. Quick update ... we are enjoying going through all the submissions! You all are collectively very creative, very sexy, and downright visual! Some of the entries were very involved, others were quite simple, but all of them were delicious! We are hoping to choose two winners - one that we can do soon, and one that involves more intense planning and execution for down the road. Thanks for all the participation and patience as we sort through all the yumminess and try to choose the winners!


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