Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Full moon on my mind

Moon Marie - 082113 - SideB
Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass. ― Anton Chekhov

Moon Marie - 082113 - SideB
Last night I looked out the window and saw the beautiful full moon.  It made me reminisce of old days seeing its beauty at perfect moments.  One such night was camping with my family in Montana under the big open sky when I was eight.  It was a perfect memory of innocent times and family love.

Another memory crept in of sitting in my old truck on the bluffs outside of town making out with my high school girlfriend.  I remember how beautiful her skin was in that pale light that bathed our partially-dressed bodies.  At times I felt that I could touch the universe when I caressed her face.  At other times I felt I touched heaven when my hands moved to other bare areas of her body exposed to the moon's luminance.  There are few things more beautiful than seeing her orgasm bathed in the full moon's brilliance.
Moon Marie - 082113 - SideB

Back in 2010 I went to New York and had the blessing of working with Moon Marie.  As I started writing this post and thinking of which photo to pair with this post, I flashed onto our work together.  I highly recommend doing an internet search for her and looking at how others have captured her beauty, eroticism, and grace.  You can find more of my photos of Moon at this link.  

Note- Our Creative Spark contest is going strong.  Please read about it here and send your entries to  If your concept is chosen, we will use it as a theme in an upcoming photo shoot and you will get to see a fantasy become real!!  Keep the great ideas coming in.

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