Thursday, August 8, 2013

Literary Shivers

Lick - 080813 - Miz B

When she closed her eyes she felt he had many hands, which touched her everywhere, and many mouths, which passed so swiftly over her, and with a wolflike sharpness, his teeth sank into her fleshiest parts. Naked now, he lay his full length over her. She enjoyed his weight on her, enjoyed being crushed under his body. She wanted him soldered to her, from mouth to feet. Shivers passed through her body.” 

― Anaïs NinDelta of Venus

Lick II - 080813 - Miz B


I am not jealous of what came before me.

Come with a man
 on your shoulders

come with a hundred men in your hair,

come with a thousand men between your breasts and your feet,

come like a river

full of drowned men

which flows down to the wild sea,

to the eternal surf, to Time! 

Bring them all

to where I am waiting for you;

we shall always be alone,

we shall always be you and I

alone on earth,

to start our life! 

~Pablo Neruda

Overwhelmed - 080813 - Miz B

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  1. Words of wisdome and images of sensuality. Great post.


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