Thursday, August 15, 2013

Opposites Attract: Interracial Eroticism

Later this month, I have an erotic shoot scheduled with one of the awesome male models on my team.   I am beyond excited!  The reason for my anticipation might surprise you.   He's fun, sexy, handsome, and adventurous ... just like all the models I shoot with.   But this shoot will be special for a reason that truly irritates me.  This shoot will be unusual because this particular model happens to be white.  His color doesn't annoy me, but the fact that it matters does!  I'm overjoyed not just for the images themselves, but because hopefully they will help me put to rest some serious misconceptions about me and my art.

A friend and reader recently suggested that I address interracial sex here ... "It's almost never mentioned explicitly, but almost every photo on the blog suggests it." This gave me pause, but on further review, he's right! I don't set out to shoot interracial themes very often ... I just shoot with the models on my team, and for years the men have tended to be primarily black and mixed by an enormous margin. I'm not sure why that is ... I hear rumors that there are lots of white men in the gym, I just don't seem to meet many interested in posing. I'm sure there is an interesting sociological discussion in there somewhere, but for today we'll just say that for the most part I find the photos I share on this blog erotic, not because of the racial mix, or in spite of it, just because of the energy of the models involved. I have nothing against white men, and most days I would put "being black" nowhere on the list of what makes my models sexy.

Caught Up - 081513 - Miz B

That said, there are a lot of people who find interracial eroticism taboo, very arousing, and socially significant. Those buttons get pushed by much of our work, whether intentionally or coincidentally. From a photographer's point of view, it can be very challenging to light disparate skin tones, but the contrasts can be incredibly visually striking. I always enjoy creating images that challenge stereotypes (not just racial ones - I'll turn gender, religion, and any other dividing factor on its head gleefully!) ... so I'm always fascinated to hear reactions from viewers to our interracial images, both positive and negative.

So what is it about interracial sex that sends pulses racing and juices flowing? [And sometimes elevates blood pressure and troubles minds?] There are three main things I hear often ... but feel free to add more to our list!

1 - It's forbidden. I'd like to say this is less true with each generation. Frankly, I believe that we are slowly working our way towards all humankind sharing a perfectly mixed spectrum of latte colors. I vividly remember being 16 (back further than I'd care to admit in the dark ages lol) , starting to date a mixed friend of my step-brother and having an intervention-style sitdown by my parents in which the message was clearly stated: "We have nothing against him, but you need to understand that a lot of people will have a problem with this and you will get that boy killed." Wow - that's a bit of a buzzkill on youthful sexual exploration ... the idea that if you let someone touch you, you are signing his death warrant! Had my parents forbidden me to see him because of his color, though, I'm sure that he would have instantly become 100 times more desirable to me! I do think there are still a lot of places where interracial sex is a scandalous topic ... from both sides of the issue. In fact I know far more black men who are ostracized by their families and communities for dating white women than vice versa. As this stigma evaporates, though, the forbidden thrill of interracial sex will probably become just so much mist as well. Face it, we all get an extra rush out of having what we aren't supposed to have, and doing what we aren't supposed to do.

Purr - 081513 - Miz B

2 - Variety rocks! I think in our rush to outdistance the racial agonies of our past in America, many of us make the mistake of trying to pretend that differences don't exist. {Harvard Business Review recently had some very interesting things to say about this} Sadly, in trying to ensure that people are not seen as lesser or greater based on the color of their skin, we have forgotten to celebrate the cultural differences of our world. There is such beauty in the diversity of our colors, our shapes, our experiences, and our traditions ... and these differences should be savored and treasured. When it comes to sex, I can only speak on my personal experiences and those others have shared with me over the years. It's very clear to me that every generality has exceptions ... but different cultures do indeed have different attitudes, different standards, and different vocabularies for sex. There are things I hear consistently from the mouths of black lovers that I've never heard a white man say. There are things Latinas consider taboo that Asian girls consider ho-hum. Again, these are trends, not absolutes. No one tendency is better or worse, they are just different. French men talk dirty differently than men from South America. Italian women seduce in a completely different way than Indian women. And mutts like me (I may not be a purebred anything but I'm pretty sure I got the best of everything!) who have travelled widely and learned a lot of neat tricks from a lot of unique and sexy people ... you just never know what we are going to bring to the table ( or the tub, or the floor, or the ... well, you get the idea) ! All of this is to say that I think a huge part of the appeal of interracial eroticism is more about a quest for new experiences and variety than about skin color.

Le Voyeur - 081513 - Miz B

3 - Is it true what they say about black men?! {insert nervous giggles here} I hear this question constantly from both women and men - with equal parts fear and hope in their voices. I think this fascination with the stereotypical "hung like a horse" archetype draws many people to interracial experimentation. My best honest answer based on the less than statistically significant sampling of my own experience is, "Sometimes!" Like any group of men, you will find that some are under-endowed, some are average, and some are over-endowed. I tend to encounter more in the latter group, but I doubt that has to do exclusively with race ... I suspect it has more to do with the confidence level of men in my industry and who are likely to approach someone of my experience and sexual energy. Whether the perception of black men as more virile is accurate or not, it definitely underlies a lot of the excitement around interracial encounters. There seems to be an enormous interest in cuckolding as a sub-genre here ... both from black men who are turned on by the idea of humiliating the white husband or boyfriend, establishing themselves as the sexual alpha males (don't need Freud to see the appeal here, do we?!) and from the white men who love to see their women ravaged by an enormous black lover who shows up their inadequacies and even "breeds" her. Interestingly, I don't hear a lot of buzz about white men/black women scenarios ... I'm sure they are a serious turn on (and alternatively a serious threat) to many people, but they don't seem as fetishized or prominently pandered to in pornography, art, or popular culture. Perhaps some readers can offer me some insight on that side issue?

Whatever the psychological and sociological roots of this fascination with interracial eroticism, it can offer some mind-blowing sexual experiences, some intriguing fantasies, and some truly sensational art. What appeals to you - or troubles you - about this particular variation?


  1. From an artist's aesthetic perspective, I greatly appreciate the contrast in skin tones. They provide such strong design aspects to the art by providing a strong dividing line between the subjects for where one's skin ends and her's begins. This works for so many eye catching elements such as piano keyboards, tuxedos, etc.

    As for the taboo aspect of all of it that you mentioned in the second to last paragraph, especially concerning cuckholding, and why this doesn't apply to white men with black women, I think it has to go with antiquated ideas of power race, and gender. Many still think that a man takes a woman, regardless of gender. It is a much more charged taboo subject to show a black man "take" a white woman because of the race and gender power dynamic. He is "taking" from the perceived physically weaker, but socio-economically more powerful white male. If a white man is with a black woman, so many other gender/race topics are raised, but I feel they are not as inflammatory as the black male/white female pairing.

    For me, I don't judge what is going on in another's bedroom as long as it is between respecting adults. I don't buy into the power and "taking" aspects of this fetish, but if it works for others, huzzah to them! I mainly see sexy, erotic art with great compositional elements emphasized by contrast in color.

    A future blog post topic can be on the concept of "taking" someone. Food for thought. - SideB

  2. What an excellent and charged topic! First, I find it interesting that the term “interracial sex” will probably imply a black man with a white woman to most people. Perhaps MRSB’s insightful comments about “taking” apply here. Surf the internet and BMWW pairings are commonplace, but other combinations appear far less frequently. However, despite the fact that it is far more accepted than in the past and even appeals to a broad audience, interracial pairings still face opposition. For example, how often do you see interracial couples on television shows or mainstream films? There are exceptions, but producers and advertisers steer away from it. A few years ago, the TV show Weeds depicted a relationship between the female lead character and her black male costar. Even though audiences liked the relationship, the producer didn’t, and the storyline was discontinued in season 2. There’s been progress but not enough.

    Miz B also mentioned cuckolding. The openness of the internet has brought many of these underground subcultures into the light. I’m no psychologist, but I find the whole mindset fascinating. In the past, interracial relationships between a black man and a white woman were depicted as a degrading of the woman. (Please, not my interpretation!) With the expansion of cuckolding themes, the white wife and black lover are portrayed as the protagonists, with the humiliation and degradation being heaped on the white husband. It’s an interesting turn of events. Times have changed.

    Miz B, you certainly selected an interesting and exciting topic. I’m anxious to read the comments of other followers of this blog.

  3. All good points and not to over simplify but we humans are really not that evolved socially so I see it as tribal. To step out of ones own tribe (or race) is taboo and exciting we learn when we are open to it, but that tribal part of our brain is often stronger than the desire for the new experience this thus the taboo

    Now cuckholding....that's a whole different part of the subconscious worthy of a blog methinks!

    1. Good analysis,Daveo. For all the heat interracial erotica generates in real life, I'm amazed at the lack of response on the blog. Maybe we hit a raw nerve. Maybe we're asking people to leave their comfort zones. Maybe people get uncomfortable examining their own motivations. Interesting!

    2. Love your tribal take on this, Dave ... it addresses all the variations, not just black & white! I'm right there with you, Derek - I'm a lil surprised this topic has had less input than anal sex ... apparently I need to find some more so-called kinks I'm lukewarm about to blog about lol! I am very curious as to whether the silence is born of discomfort and disapproval, or a certain level of ennui with the topic. I'd be very surprised if our readership was offended - since so many of our photos carry an interracial element, I assumed that people with serious issues on the subject would have abandoned our company long ago!

    3. Likewise, I'm surprised we didn't generate more discussion, but so be it! We tried, but we'll move on....


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