Friday, September 6, 2013

No words needed...

No words needed for this story.  Do you think there are different stories though between the black and white vs. color series?  Preferences?

Valya - 090613 - SideB
Valya - 090613 - SideB


  1. Awesome series! Valya is simply stunning in her interactions with your lens! I am almost always a sucker for black and white - I think it simplifies the information in an image and lets me focus on the content without the "noise" of color input. Somehow it always looks more professional and less snap-shotty - especially on more intimate images. That said, I think the color is more welcoming and inclusive on this series ... the black and white separates the viewer from the model - we are seeing her in a gallery ... the color draws the viewer in more actively - we are in the room with her, snapping away as she smiles that way at us! :-)

  2. I'm pretty much a color guy all the way. In this case, I love the rawness of the color series but appreciate the simplicity of the B&W version.


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