Thursday, October 31, 2013

Deadly Dreams

Ahhh ... fall, that lovely time of year when everyone gets to enjoy a day of living like me! Wait, did I say that out loud?   I meant Halloween arrives and gives everyone a chance to bring out their inner freak ... one day of the year where it's acceptable to live our fantasies in public, to step out of the shadows and dress the way we want to, party without inhibition, and attribute our rampant sexuality to a dress-up persona!

I often tell people that being a model is like Halloween everyday - dressing up, assuming personalities, and being able to drop pretense & actively engage the world sexually.   I think that many women find it very empowering to let their inner goddess/slut/diva out for a change ... especially in a manner that is encouraged instead of condemned!  

Deadly Dreams - 103113 - Miz B

We've discussed before on shadowsexposed the intimate relationship between arousal and danger or fear.  Halloween is a delightful mix of sexy and terrifying, which makes for a powerful cocktail of stimulation.   No intense analysis needed, dear readers ... drink deeply of this usually forbidden cocktail, make the most of this wicked holiday, and remember that the deadlier the dream - the better!


  1. That photo has fired my imaginationon and fantasies. I envision Miz B as a beautiful, sexy Vampire Queen who entices men to submit and willingly become her next victim. Needless to say, I volunteer. Drain me, my queen!

  2. Oh my, Derek! So much for getting any work done this morning - I might as well just give in to the daydream! Is anyone else suddenly thirsty, predatory, and aroused?!

    1. Now you made my day. You inspired my fantasy, and I'm thrilled you liked it. How great is that?


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