Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Drum roll please ............

With much fanfare and showgirls we are proud to announce the winner of our reader contest Bring YOUR Fantasy to Life!...

Fremont Street Showgirls, Las Vegas - 100213 - SideB

But first, the stuff that if we announced the winner first you would never read (of course we know many of you will peek ahead anyway. ;-) ).  We had dozens of entries and read each one multiple times and established a set of criteria for which to evaluate them.

  1. T.I.F.H. Scale - (That Is Fucking Hot).  This was purely subjective on both our parts.  Some ideas started out on fire, but after thinking on them, didn't sustain the heat.  Others kept a hot even burn, but never scorched.  A few started off cool and subtly heated up to surface-of-the-fucking-sun hot. The latter were treats and the winner was one we both separately, and after talking, revisited and expanded upon.  For the winner we both felt we a connection to the theme and wanted to make it even hotter.
  2. Do-able Scale.  All submissions were appreciated and we strive to honor both the reader who submitted, the theme, and our readers.  We want to do this right.   With this in mind, we had to evaluate on the following criteria:
    • What would it take to create the set, scene, and round up the actors/models to pull it off.  
    • Is the theme rich enough to be important to many, yet simple enough for us to create and honor.  Sometimes the elegant ideas are the best for this type of thing.
    • While all of this sounds like we may be taking the easy way out, the truth is that some of the submissions were so rich with theme and details that we knew with our budgets, abilities, and time, we could not honor the request.  This isn't a judgement on the quality of the submission, but our doing a reality check on not only what we could do, but what we will do well.

So with a long drum roll (queue up the dancing girls!)  The winning submission is from...


Dave's winning submission:
Maybe it is because everything is so dire and life or death in our youth but that is where I find the most intense passions

Or maybe I am simply emotionally stunted- who knows...but the teenage make out session has always captured my imagination, well at any age.
Usually taking place in semi-public surroundings..a car, secluded woods or a room that a room mate can barge into at any moment.  There is always danger and immediacy get the deed done bit also make last as long as you can

The kisses are obtuse, wet, and deep.  Hands wander and fumble ..but each miscue only adds to the passion and anticipation....

So what do you think you can do with that? ;)

Lots, Dave.  Lots.

Thank you for inspiring our creative juices.  We will start planning this soon and will share our manifestation of this winning scene.

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  1. dave o here - honestly :D wow i am flattered to have won and i honestly never thought i had a shot at this but i SO look forward to seeing this shoot :-D


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