Friday, October 11, 2013

Out of the Shadows - Happy Coming Out Day!

In honor of National Coming Out Day, let's celebrate the vast diversity of human sexuality.  Attraction is such a complex thing, that I simply chalk all its variations up to MAGIC!   I absolutely agree with Hunger Games actor Josh Hutcherson's recent statement that "I think defining yourself as 100 percent anything is kind of near-sighted and close-minded!"  

I've always been confused by labels.  By the time you list all the exceptions to those rules, you don't have much left to look at!   I've never understood how someone can classify themselves as a loyal Catholic, except when it comes to that pesky birth control issue where they do what they want to do … or how one can scream that they are a liberal, right up until it's time to defend the free speech of someone they disagree with.   Why insist on putting oneself in a box labeled straight, when all it takes is a few shots and a leggy blonde to bend your preference for the night?   It's downright unnatural to  ALWAYS be anything!

Girl Time - 101113 - Miz B

In my less than humble opinion, there is no such thing as being 100% gay or straight.  I think we are all on a broad spectrum of bi by nature.  Does that mean everyone is able to admit those randoms thoughts or fantasies that don't fit our self image or social norms?  Of course not.  But in general I think that it's a sin to ignore huge realms of human experience and sensation because of societal labels.   I'm not talking about anything that victimizes another person ... but I truly believe that connecting with another being or enjoying a physical sensation consensually is a beautiful thing and needs no classification to validate it.   I'll go a step further and say that no soul needs a label or definition to give it value or legitimacy.   

Man to Man - 101113 - Miz B

I understand that we all live in the real world where there are bigots and sometimes horrific consequences for lifestyle expression.   I would never out someone - that's a personal choice.   What I will always do, however, is to encourage everyone to come out of their shadows to themselves.   Get honest about ALL of who you are ... then choose how much to share with the world.   There is an amazing peace with being unable to simply define oneself with labels.  There is freedom in not caring what to call yourself.  I am simply me.   You are simply you.   And it's perfectly ok for you and I to change - day to day, hour to hour, person to person, passion to passion.   

3sum - 101113 - Miz B

In the end, there is not enough love, passion, and happiness in this world.   We should all honor and respect it wherever it does exist!  Gay, straight, bi, trans, poly, curious, you name it ... be you, my dear friends, and know that you are celebrated here! 

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  1. I used to think of sexuality as a line with two distinct ends, homosexual and heterosexual. As I get older, I appreciate the notion I heard from someone that maybe we should look at it as a sphere with so many morphing lines, definitions, proclivities, fetishes and ways of being sexual that there are infinite variants of how to be. I agree with Miz B that no one is 100% anything. I also think that we shift and flow through the sphere as we age and learn about ourselves. What I thought I was when I was 12 has evolved, shifted, and careened about the sphere in the past decades. I expect it will continue as well until they close the lid.

    To all our fellow humans who are struggling with and in fear of accepting who you are, please know that it is the bigots of the world that are in the wrong. SideB


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