Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Smoke gets in your eyes

If you resolve to give up smoking, drinking and loving, you don't actually live longer; it just seems longer. - Clement Freud

What is it about watching people smoke that is so damn sexy?  Is it the sensual breathing, the smoke entering and then exiting their core?  This sexiness of smoking is not just of women.  One of the biggest draws for the great show Mad Men is the all the smoking, both the men and the women.

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An old blog friend once told me this about smoking, "Smoking actually provides another means of communication. Studies have been done on the meaning of blowing smoke up or down, the sexual promise when a woman asks a man to give her a light, and so on."

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I think smoking is very intimate, even though I rarely smoke.  When I am with someone who is smoking*, I am sharing a moment of breath with them.  I breathe in their second hand smoke that has been deep in their being and now is filling me in the same way.  It is a a very physical experience of intimacy of breath.

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The oxygen (even when polluted as it is with the smoke), is our most needed nutrient.  We can live for weeks with out food, a few days without water, and only a few precious minutes without oxygen.  Maybe this sharing of the smoky, dangerous air is an unspoken intimacy that since I am wanting to be by the smoker, we are sharing in this shared moment of living, and living kind of dangerously.

Are there anythings you find intimate that is not the same as the common definitions of intimacy?  Please share.

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*I am not here to debate the dangers of smoking.  Smoking kills, etc.  If I am with a smoker, it is my choice to breath their smoke.  I have avoided some smokers and being near them while they light up because I didn't feel the danger was worth sharing their air at that moment.


  1. I'm not a smoker myself, but the act of it can be sexy as fuck!
    It's weird, because I think smoking cigarettes is disgusting. However, from an artist's point of view it's sexy as hell.

  2. I'd lick a woman who smokes, but I wouldn't want to kiss her. That would be too much like licking an ashtray. For what it's worth, I don't watch Mad Men. The smoking turns me off and I hate the frumpy clothes the women wear. Having said that, Christina Hendricks is hot as hell.

  3. Right there with you Gentlemen ... smoking is a disgusting habit and a major turnoff in person! But I have to confess that the oral visuals and the sensual writhing of the smoke in still images is very erotic. Side B, what an amazing take on sharing air and your judgement that the danger is accepted if the company is worthy! Fascinating post and images as always!


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