Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Erotic Interludes: Melrose Mischief

It's time to get personal again, dear readers, and wander into the shadows of memory.  I'd like to take you all along as I reminisce about a mind-blowing, wicked experience that definitely belongs in my personal Hall of Fame of Fantasy Fulfillment!

Melrose Mischief 1 - 011414 - Miz B

Any woman as lucky as I am has those lovers who no longer share her bed, but still hold an important place in her heart and life.   Years ago, I was fortunate to spend my birthday with such a friend.   Always one to spoil me, he decided that an afternoon shopping spree on Melrose was in order.  I'm always down to add to my wardrobe so off we went to see what kinds of retail mischief we could get into together!  Boutique after boutique, we came away disappointed.   It's an eclectic area, with unique style, but nothing was striking my fancy somehow.   Eventually we found a tiny little shop packed to the ceiling with one of a kind pieces.   They were fabulous, and I planned to take mercy on the dear man's bank account and move on down the road.   What I didn't plan on was the shop manager, a tall lean Latino with flowing hair that belonged on a romance novel cover and eyes that mirrored mine for mayhem!

Melrose Mischief 2 - 011414 - Miz B

For our purposes here I contemplated giving him a pseudonym, but it seemed unnecessary since I didn't learn his name until later.   Whatever he may be called, he was most definitely a brilliant salesman and Casanova.   Before I could catch my breath from his first smile, he's whisked no fewer than 10 items off the rack and hustled me into a dressing room at the back of the boutique.   Naturally one of he first items he selected was a corset into which I could never hope to lace myself, so he asked to help me.   With painstaking care, he wrapped me in the silken bonds ... fingers electrifying my spine as he went.   I think we are all very familiar with the sensuality associated with a lover slowly undressing us, lingering on each inch of our skin.   Let me tell you, there is something ever so unexpectedly erotic about a man tenderly putting clothing ON your body ... cinching in your curves and smoothing fabric over quivering flesh.   He was so genuinely in service to me, so adoring in his molding of fashions to my form, so eager to meet my approval with his offerings.

Melrose Mischief 3 - 011414 - Miz B

I'm typically not one for anonymous encounters with strangers, but there are moments of such undeniable chemistry that one is wise to be swept away!   Somewhere in the middle of balancing myself against his kneeling body while stepping in and out of skirts ... he firmly lent me balance while I stepped out of my comfort zone and my lace panties.   If I recall, all his selections for me fit wonderfully.  I am absolutely certain that our bodies did as well.   His fingers and tongue, first tentative and exploratory, quickly grew insatiable and possessive.   I recall a brief worry that the flimsy curtains on the dressing room stalls couldn't possibly conceal what was happening from the rest of the shop, including my former lover waiting nearby.   Then the concern changed to a wicked delight in the idea that everyone could tell what was happening from the shifting combinations of knees and feet visible beneath the curtain.   I have many talents, but remaining silent and discreet when a lover has all the right moves is not one of them!   I count it a small miracle that we never managed to tumble right through the curtain into the main shop!  
Melrose Mischief 4 - 011414 - Miz B

I've no concept of how long it took to try on all the clothes (which my friend dutifully paid for - undoubtedly with a major case of blue balls after the show we put on) but I do know that every time I wear any of them, my panties soak through with the memory of my Melrose Mischief!

Melrose Mischief 5 - 011414 - Miz B

Melrose Mischief 6 - 011414 - Miz B

Melrose Mischief 7 - 011414 - Miz B

Here's to all the Erotic Interludes that make life worth living!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

What's hot?

Some like it hot, and some sweat when the heat is on
Some feel the heat and decide that they can't go on
Some like it hot, but you can't tell how hot till you try
Some like it hot, so let's turn up the heat till we fry - Robert Palmer "Some Like It Hot" 
What’s hot?  That is tough question to answer, or even reframe it so I can answer it.  Even if I rephrase it as, “What makes you hot?”  are you asking me what makes me feel hot and aroused or what about me makes others hot?
Jacqui - 010914 - SideB

Depends - To be determined, conditioned, or contingent.  Merriam Webster Online Dictionary

This is also tough because the answer most of the time would be, “It depends.”  I am not trying to cheeky.  It just depends.  Here are some of things that what is hot depends on - my mood, recent experiences, what I’ve done, not done, desire to do, and never wish to do again affect my answers.  I could be in a primal, basic mood and say something as base as erect nipples.  At other times I could be sentimental and say the sighing moan of a lover when my finger slides into that magic spot and presses and caresses perfectly.  I may have just seen a movie and desire a romantic dinner and hot tryst with a character or actor (why yes, Monica Bellucci, I will have that drink with you.)  Another could be as simple as that hotness that walked by and mentioned she prefers Nolet's gin to Plymouth.

Jacqui - 010914 - SideB

If you asked me what type of breasts are hot, I would still say, “depends.”  It depends on what clothes are being worn, the shape and style of the woman, etc.  I can tell you I am not a parts man.  Hot people are hot not because of one body part, it is their sum total that is hot.  It is a magical mixture of humor, honesty, a playful and adventurous spirit, smile, sexual appetite, and so many other things.  Yes. Breasts, butt, legs, hair, eyes are all elements in the hotness factor, are secondary to the intrinsic heat of the person.

If you ask about sexual practices, I would answer the same again, “depends”.   I do like it when a lover slowly licks along the base… you get the picture, but that is only hot during certain times and adventures.  If a lover did that all the time and only that, it would be boring.  It is like when I was trying to learn guitar and got really good at playing the few chords of a punk song so I could sing along with it.  It was a pretty cool party trick, but you wouldn’t have to hear it again.  As the rabbit in the cereal commercials was always reminded, "tricks are for kids".

“Hotness” and “sexy” should not be limited by a few tricks and treats and traits.

So, what do you find hot?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Year, New Explorations!

There's something so liberating about a fresh start!   The beginning of a New Year naturally leads my wicked lil mind to pondering other beginnings.   It's human nature to crave novelty and new experiences.   Nothing else compares to the first rushes of carnal awareness ... that first flirtation when you can sense the full potential of a new partner ... that first kiss when you find yourself swept away ... that first luscious joining when you feel your bodies surge together and find yourself connected in unexpected ways.   

Foul Play - 010114 - Miz B

A wise friend often reminds me that while I tend to be impatient and greedy when I want something - or someone - that it's wise to savor the beginnings in life.   Everything tastes sweeter when you are truly ravenous for it.   A touch longed for bears more weight than a touch indulged on whim.   A gaze can see into you only once you have slowly opened your heart.  And a climax of epic proportions demands an agonizing, tantalizing, and insistent rise to crescendo.   Once milestones have been passed, there is no putting the genie back in the bottle ... the firsts pass only once, and what's worth doing is worth doing well enough that the memory carries you through many a long, lonely night!  

Foul Play II - 010114 - Miz B

As we begin 2014, we wish you many beginnings in the year ahead ... new partners, new positions, new skills, and most of all new fantasies.   Make it a goal to BE a first for someone ... shake off your urge to be jaded and open yourself to new amazing connections ... most of all remember Anaïs Nin's wise view that every new person "represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." And when you are on your adventures and explorations, remember after your wild trip through the shadows to let your unique light shine on each other.  Seize those perfect moments of genuine exposure and delight in each other ... that magic is the measure of mankind!  

Consumed - 010114 - Miz B