Thursday, January 9, 2014

What's hot?

Some like it hot, and some sweat when the heat is on
Some feel the heat and decide that they can't go on
Some like it hot, but you can't tell how hot till you try
Some like it hot, so let's turn up the heat till we fry - Robert Palmer "Some Like It Hot" 
What’s hot?  That is tough question to answer, or even reframe it so I can answer it.  Even if I rephrase it as, “What makes you hot?”  are you asking me what makes me feel hot and aroused or what about me makes others hot?
Jacqui - 010914 - SideB

Depends - To be determined, conditioned, or contingent.  Merriam Webster Online Dictionary

This is also tough because the answer most of the time would be, “It depends.”  I am not trying to cheeky.  It just depends.  Here are some of things that what is hot depends on - my mood, recent experiences, what I’ve done, not done, desire to do, and never wish to do again affect my answers.  I could be in a primal, basic mood and say something as base as erect nipples.  At other times I could be sentimental and say the sighing moan of a lover when my finger slides into that magic spot and presses and caresses perfectly.  I may have just seen a movie and desire a romantic dinner and hot tryst with a character or actor (why yes, Monica Bellucci, I will have that drink with you.)  Another could be as simple as that hotness that walked by and mentioned she prefers Nolet's gin to Plymouth.

Jacqui - 010914 - SideB

If you asked me what type of breasts are hot, I would still say, “depends.”  It depends on what clothes are being worn, the shape and style of the woman, etc.  I can tell you I am not a parts man.  Hot people are hot not because of one body part, it is their sum total that is hot.  It is a magical mixture of humor, honesty, a playful and adventurous spirit, smile, sexual appetite, and so many other things.  Yes. Breasts, butt, legs, hair, eyes are all elements in the hotness factor, are secondary to the intrinsic heat of the person.

If you ask about sexual practices, I would answer the same again, “depends”.   I do like it when a lover slowly licks along the base… you get the picture, but that is only hot during certain times and adventures.  If a lover did that all the time and only that, it would be boring.  It is like when I was trying to learn guitar and got really good at playing the few chords of a punk song so I could sing along with it.  It was a pretty cool party trick, but you wouldn’t have to hear it again.  As the rabbit in the cereal commercials was always reminded, "tricks are for kids".

“Hotness” and “sexy” should not be limited by a few tricks and treats and traits.

So, what do you find hot?

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  1. I LOVE these images, Side B! Such a powerful dichotomy between her fresh innocent face and the bondage! Well done! I'm right there with you in "it depends" land ... there are so many things that I find hot in one person, annoying in another, and boring with yet another. Even with the same person, hot is defined by my mood ... if I'm feeling wicked, for example, down & dirty talk is amazing ... if I'm feeling romantic is just sounds crude. In art, I tend toward a more idealized, implied style of sensuality ... but every now and then I am deeply moved by a graphic, raw image that transcends the visual and makes me FEEL the moment. What is ALWAYS hot is a partner in tune with your moods and able to read your cues ... I suspect that my lovers feel like they are on that old game show "C'mon big money, no whammies!!" as they navigate my mercurial hotspots, but I am absolutely devoted to the few who always seem to be exactly what is hot at the moment!


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