Friday, February 14, 2014

Going atomic for Valentine's Day

B Mine - 021414 - Miz B

**This is a unique post for Shadowsexposed.  The image is deeply intimate and beautifully created by Miz B's creative team.  I am going to share my reactions, impressions, and critique on it, culled from a few of our private online chats.   Happy Valentines Day**

“He slides himself inside her, her heart is bursting. The pithy organic organ can't hold all that she feels for this man. When she reaches her peak, her brain supernovas, a small, perfect death.” - Mrs. Alenko

Yes, this causes a major stirring of the loins.  My base male instincts can take over the mental desire to be all artsy and theoretical.  I have learned that it is just fine to create stuff that causes a deep physical lust.  Our primal instincts and desires should be celebrated and evoked, with that said I also want to talk about the art of it.

It is exquisite.  I love explicit erotic art that is done well.  Some will say it is porn, but it is art.  Maybe porn can be art, but I wont get into that debate here.  With mainstream porn, I tend to go from image or video to the next, not pay attention to the single image.  With explicit erotic art, I want and need to focus deeply on the one image.  Yes, this photo makes me aroused, but as art I notice all the elements that make it transcend and elevate.  The wetness of his penis, the desaturated beautiful pinkness of the labia, and the beautiful thickness of the wetness running down on him.  Of course it makes me wonder if that is his ejaculate, hers, or both.. which then sends the mind spinning as well.  This single photo has narratives all around it.

This photo can get into the whole objectification bit.. which may be part of my reaction as well.  I don't feel this is an objectifying photo, or if it is, both of them are objectified.  Maybe all visual art is both objectifying and humanizing.. just some art is better at doing both.

Another thing I also love about this photo is that while we can't see faces, I can feel the heat and connection between the two subjects.  If it is post orgasmic, mainstream porn would have had him either pull out and ejaculate on her or pull out to show the evidence leaking... what I love about this photo is the reality. Most lovers won't just pull out when the moment was so real and connected.  We remain connected and breath in the moment together.

I want to thank Miz B for bravely sharing a very intimate and emotionally charged photo.  We would appreciate respectful comments (by respectful, I mean it is fine to disagree with me, to have different readings of the photo, etc., but please respect the artists who created it). 

I'll add a quick two cents here to say that as usual the true nature of art is the trust and synergy that happens between the models, the photographer, the post-production geniuses, and the viewers.   I believe we have delved quite well into the art/porn debate in past posts (if you are new, jump into the archives and feel free to jump into old discussions - they are usually more interesting as time goes on and new opinions join the mix!).   Those of you who have been with us for quite  a while know that I have a major "thing" for the facial expressions and eye contact of erotic art ... but sometimes there is beauty in anonymity and universality.   I am delighted that Side B was able to perceive tenderness and true intimacy in such an image ... so we felt it appropriate to take Valentine's Day in a slightly unpredictable direction.   Kudos to everyone involved in the creation of this image - including you, our sexy readers! 

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  1. I know you said "respectful" comments, but all I got is **Droooooollllll***


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