Monday, February 10, 2014

OMG! It has been a year... and what a year it has been.

Last January, Miz B and I started this blog.  We could regale you with stats (i.e., 26k+ page views, over 277 comments, 104 posts, etc.) but numbers can be mood killers.  What we are going to share with you are our favorites.  Each of us will share a favorite post or two to reread and which partner's photo is our favorite to see again and again.

Melrose Mischief 2 - 011414 - Miz B
My favorite photo from the erotic artist Miz B was from her last post, Erotic Interludes: Melrose Mischief.  This image was part of a series.  It is my favorite because it is rich in red (my favorite color) and while not explicit, flows with erotic pleasures from the curves of her breast and the open-lipped moan I can hear her trying to stifle.

I have a couple of favorite posts.  It all began with our first post, Welcome to shadowsexposed.  This is where it all began and I still get charged up reading it.  We were a bit wide-eyed and naive, but the enthusiasm and love, lust and desire to expose the shadows is still our mission.

My second favorite post was Smoke gets in your eyes.  I like this one because it made me think of how humans can find so many indirect items erotic and how intimacy can be different for each of us.  Maybe if we take time to explore and appreciate hidden intimacies, we can build a connection even more intimate and shared.

Oh my, how am I ever supposed to pick just a few?   Is it artistic masturbation that I still fall down the rabbit hole in our archives and wander breathlessly through the shadows of our own posts?!   

I'm going to cheat (it's my blog and I'll cheat if I want to!) and pick two favorite images!   My favorite art image from Side B's incredible contributions would have to be this killer projection ... it's so surreal and vibrant - it visually arouses me!   

Candace Nirvana / After Salvador Dali - 071913 - SideB

Moon Marie - 031713- SideB

For sensuality, though, my favorite is this simple shot ... I can hear and smell and taste her fierce sexuality when I look at this image!

As far as my favorite posts, I share Side B's affinity for our very first plunge into this brave new world!   Other standouts for me were Opposites Attract: Interracial Eroticism ,  Desire In Old Art , &  I Objectify Women .   I'm very proud of what a powerful mix there has been in the last year of straight up sexual dynamite, well-thought out analysis, and willingness to explore.   We are curious, lustful, artistic, passionate, sometimes conflicted, always sensual, and genuinely aroused by our topics and our relationship with you, our sexy readers!

Before we close, we want to thank you.  You are our partner in this and we appreciate your loyal reading, comments, and thoughts.  We thank you for not always agreeing with us and challenging what we wrote.  You keep us on our toes and make us want to push even further into these shadows... and trust me, we will.

We truly do appreciate all the suggestions, comments, and requests that inspire us to make more of this amazing place ... and to those of you who continue to hold back and express your opinions only privately :  take your time, but life is short - come on in, the water is fine!   We promise not to bite unless you beg us to ;-)

I also must thank Miz B.  She has been a friend for over... a number of years.  This year has been a gift to me working with her amazing intellect, blazing hot beauty (both in front of and behind the scenes), sensual mind and spirit, mischievous sense of humor, and passion for always moving forward and creating more, better and always unique.

This whole journey through the shadows would never have been born without Side B's fearless invitation to me to unleash my outloud voice   ... I'm so grateful to have such a dear friend, supportive co-blogger, and brilliant artist by my side in this wonderful, wicked world of shadowsexposed.  

“It is only by enlarging the scope of one’s tastes and one’s fantasies, by          sacrificing everything to pleasure, that the unfortunate individual called Man, thrown despite himself into this sad world, can succeed in gathering a few roses among life’s thorns.” Marquis de Sade

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