Friday, March 7, 2014

Some things are better left to the pros

There are some things that are better in fantasy, theory, and left to the pros.  We have all tried things we thought we could do and failed at, which resulted in having to get some professional help or give up*.  Some of these things include family portraits, painting a car, and 69.

Leila and Hana - 030714 - SideB

Ever since I first tried 69, I've found it very challenging.  I am 6'4", so physics and geometry are working against me.  I also found that trying to make it work dissuaded relaxing and enjoying the moment.  I appreciate the idea of both the shared moment of giving and receiving, but it is difficult to succeed at that when it is so difficult to get into that moment.

Leila and Hana - 030714 - SideB
Out of curiosity, I discreetly asked a few friends about their experiences with the sexual yin and yang.  Two women said it was difficult on either their, or their guy's necks and that they wear out within a few minutes of starting, regardless of creative pillow usage.  One guy mentioned he felt he couldn't concentrate on making his boyfriend feel good when he got lost in his own pleasure.

So, what is so especially alluring about this type of tryst?  There is the obvious beauty of sharing mutual oral pleasure.  There is also the other obvious beauty of it, the visual beauty of the moment.

The yin and yang are beautiful as two opposites come together, not facing each other face-to-face but mouth to sex, forming a flipped visual sexual reflective moment that warms the sensual libido.  When we see beautiful visual erotica, we absorb the moment of this mating.  This image melts into our minds as something we truly want to live ourselves.  The thing of it is though maybe it is the image of it is better than the actual.  Maybe some things are better to appreciated by only one sense - our vision and it may be the best way to consume it.

*I don't regret my failed attempts at painting a car, running a business or two, or this sexual endeavor.  I would regret it more if I hadn't tried.  I know I am very good at many other things.  

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  1. Better left to the pros? Do I want to watch a porn video to see a staged perfect 69? Or do I want to wallow around in the crotch of the one I love. Oh it might not be perfect - we might not match up in the most perfect ying and yang of sex. I might have to move up or down, she may have to move here or there - but damn - other than sliding my hard penis into her sweet vagina - I can't think of anything I'd rather do than try to have a mutual slurp. The last time we were both pretty worked up and my male brain screamed I really wanted to end by a cumming inside her pussy and she really tried to make it happen - but I ended up squirting all over the inside of her thigh....and that was ok.

    D.L. Wood


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