Friday, April 18, 2014

Bi is Beautiful!

I think choosing between men and women is like choosing between cake and ice cream. You'd be daft not to try both when there are so many different flavors.

I've never understood the idea of having to choose just one thing to love.   I was the kid who looked at the ice cream purists in the chocolate vs vanilla battle like they were missing the point of living & ordered a swirled cone - sometimes dipped in chocolate shell just because!   Who says you have to love only one kind of movie?  I still say that romances and slasher flicks can be interchangeable with the right person and some popcorn!   Maybe I'm just greedy, but I can't imagine depriving myself of any of the yumminess the world has to offer just to fit in a neat little labeled box.

Boytoy - 041814 - Miz B

Sexuality is, of course, no exception.   I'm not even sure that bi-sexual covers it.   I've savored butch women and effeminate men, played with most points on the gender-identity spectrum, and experienced lovers I am at a loss to label for all my fancy education.   Especially in the most adventurous among us, sexuality is fluid.   I may not be able to think of anything more boring than Suzie and I alone in a room together, but throw Tyrone into the mix and suddenly Suzie is my favorite partner in the world - perhaps not for her physical attractiveness to me, but for the sensual possibilities she brings to our bed.   It's not the genitals or self-identified preference of an individual that lights my fire:  it's the energy and chemistry they bring to our interactions.   

Lady Love - 041814 - Miz B

Once you begin to open yourself to the vast diversity of people in this world, arbitrary classifications matter less and less.   I don't care if she is lesbian, straight, trans, or not sure ... I only care if her touch quickens my breath and intrigues my mind.  I don't care if he is bi, dominant, cross-dressing, or confused ... I only care if he is honest and passionate with me, genuine in our pleasures.    Arousal & attraction live between our ears, not our thighs ... the rest of the package is merely an instrument of expression.

Identity - 041814 - Miz B


  1. I can't see myself ever being bi but otherwise I like to consider myself a very open minded person. One great point I love is that it isn't about labels. God I fuckin HATE labels! It's about the person. Above all else they should at least be honest with themselves first, and then the world. There is a friend of mine who we all kinda suspected was "fruity" in high-school. This was back in the late 90s. Where we were from being gay wasn't really something you'd be open about. If you were a girl it might be "cute" but for a guy, devastating. So, he played the role of the pimp ass str8 dude who had all the best female friends. The only dude I knew who got extensions and braided them like Kriss-Kross did back in the day, lol. I don't know what kind of issues he may have gone thru cuz I was never part of the in-crowd like he was and we def were not friends then since I was still in outcast mode and people like him would never talk to people like me. Somehow, some years later we connected and became friends. One day he decided to "come out" to me. I was like look fool, I already knew you ass was gay. I was just waiting for you to say it, lol. I told him then and I still believe that it doesn't matter. I really could give two shits what type of sexuality he chooses. I was however, happy that he was finally able to open up and let it out cuz I knew It was something that had been burdening him for some time.
    But as far as labels and their associated stereotypes the one that bugs me the most is race. Since I'm of african descent others, at least Americans, of the same background feel as if I should stick with just one group or one preference. I've never been one to discriminate based on skin color or ethnic background. Shit, some of the finest people i know, male and female, are mixed! haha. I learned in my early 20s to stop arguing personal preference. It leads nowhere. I just say, to each their own. I'm all about "black power" n all that but there's a limit. I'm still a human first!

  2. Awesome thoughts, Rob! I absolutely agree - we can drive ourselves mad with labels and sub-labels ... individual people are sexy, not generalized types! I'm always astounded the amount of energy people expend on trying to hide who they really are, or pretending to be who they think they should be. I believe that sexuality is dynamic ... what we are into evolves and shifts over time. I don't care what I am classified as - I just want to fall into the category of "happy!"

    1. Hell yea. Happy. That damn song really describes me lately. Dunno what it is. But I'm def content in my life right now.


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