Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Excerpt from Memoirs of a Jaded Romantic: Damned

Damned - 051314 - Miz B

I've heard it said that your soulmate is someone whose demons play well with yours.  Sometimes love is your salvation, but sometimes there can be no happy ending.   Sometimes the best you can do is to love, hope that they know they are loved, and be there until they are consumed by their own despair.  Sometimes, the closest you can come to redemption is to hold their hand at the end, desperate to believe that knowing they aren't alone in their final moments will somehow be enough.

Undeniably, there is a fine line between genius and madness.   It's especially true in the tortured soul of an artist.   Make no mistake,  to be a wildly passionate lover is an art.   To rampage through a woman's soul requires a certain creativity and daring.   To stimulate all the pleasures, one must have suffered and been lost in angst.  The dangers of love require a bold heart, undeterred by risk and ruin.   Is it any wonder then that the most intense of love affairs often revolve around a dark streak of self-destruction?   

To love a woman like herself, a man must be unhindered by the rules.   Perhaps having nothing to lose made the pursuit of her more appealing.   Over and over, she learned that damaged men were drawn to her - like a siren on the rocks she was a glorious means of emotional suicide.   She was irresistible, unattainable, and completely obedient to the whims of her heart.   She was the best of him, brought out the worst in him, and would be sacrificed on the altar of her devotion to him.   

In the end, he loved a woman he could not reach.  She loved a man she'd already lost.   They were damned by their love and the inevitability of its disastrous demise.

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  1. a very unexpected blog, but a very true and touching one. i love how you opened it - a soul mate is one who's demons plays with yours...which i think can be a beautiful thing - to revel in your shared destruction
    what to me is more sad, and also more common place is to share a life with one you love, and care deeply about yet keep your demons from - you think locked away, or simply to come out and play in what you think is a controlled way but at which you fail miserably with horrendous consequence

    when we view these ppl society judges them, despises them - judges them. but in art we often put them on pedestals and admire them
    case in point - don draper. yes he is only a character in a tv show, but he is tortured by his demons, he is in every way a despicable man -
    but he is a genius at what he does, he is admired and respected while simultaneously pitied, reviled and looked down upon.
    his demons he tries to control - deny - but it only makes them more angry -
    and wont to come out and play


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