Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The ropes that bind...

There are as many types of bondage as there are flowers.  They can be as simple as a silk scarf holding a partner's wrists together to suspension bondage.  Some find the ties confining, liberating, exhilarating, scary, threatening, and dangerous.

Rain DeGrey - 050614 - SideB

I don't judge how other's feel about bondage and how they practice it, as long as no one is getting injured and everyone is openly willing.  I hope others are the same for me.

Aleska - 050614 - SideB

What about me personally?  I don't like being tied up.  It makes me feel scared and panicked.  As for binding others, it is more of a visual turn on than anything else.   Maybe that is why I am a photographer - it is all about the visuals.

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  1. With the right partner I can trust, I don't find being tied up or bound scary per se ... but I usually find it frustrating lol - I'm not known for just laying there passively, so having my movements and ability to touch limited is maddening to me!! I agree that bondage is visually stunning ... and I don't mind binding a partner - it's an opportunity to spoil them. Usually my lovers are very focused on my pleasure, so binding them is a way to make them receive instead of always trying to give ... I prefer it for foreplay though - in the end, I want full participation and intimacy from both parties!


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