Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mrs. Robinson and the pizza delivery boy.

In our last post, Miz B wrote of the more experienced, mature woman and the young men they seduce.  Today I want to share my own experience when I was the young lamb at the whim of the mature woman. 

First, it may read  like a bad letter to Penthouse or an 80's porn scene.  The difference is that it took place over many weeks and not just a one-time thing.

When I was twenty I delivered pizza for the local pizza joint for a summer job between college years.  I loved the job because I got to escape the broiling kitchen and listen to tunes in my car as I raced around the town to deliver pies in under 30 minutes. 

Most of the time I went to some family's home to deliver dinner.  They usually tipped a buck.  Every once in a while I delivered to a big party and dropped off a few pies and drinks.  They either tipped graciously or stiffed me. 

One hot July night, I pulled up to a nice home in a new suburb and saw a dozen cars parked out front.  I rang the doorbell and a beautiful  raven-haired woman answered the door.  After exchanging names and a smile, I had four pizzas for her and she had a check (yes, you could pay with those back then).  I carried the pizzas in to her kitchen while she joked about my work uniform.  As I was about to leave, she gave me a 20 and said softly, "Do you work tomorrow evening?" 

I quickly replied no.  She then even more softly said, "Stop by again and let's have dinner. "

The next night I showered, put on way to much Polo cologne and drove to her home.  I had all the money I had saved in tips to take her to dinner.  I guessed she was twenty years older than me and was wondering what she saw in me. 

I knocked on the door and gave her a few roses from my garden.  Pam smiled and invited me in.   I asked her where she wanted to go and she said she had cooked a dinner.  It was a simple dinner of salad, chicken, and pasta salad along with some wine.  We talked over dinner about my college ambitions, her life path (she was a single mom and her son was the dad's place for the summer).  She was a guidance counselor at the local high school. 

After dinner, we went out to her deck and held hands and kissed.  We explored a bit with our hands and kissed and held each other in her big lounge chairs.  She walked me to my car and kissed me again.  I drove home so hard and smiling. 

A few nights later, Pam and I went out for a drive and made out on the local cliffs overlooking the city and exchanging kisses, pets, feels, tastes and touches.  I drove her home and we kissed good night.
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After many more dates like this, she invited me to one last weekend together.  College was about to start for me and her son was coming home in a few days.  I spent the next two nights and days in her arms, her in mine, our legs laced together.  We moved around all the rooms in the home, except her sons, and spanned the spectrum of making tender to love to desperate, hard fucking.  We also laughed, cried, and came.  The last evening, I ordered pizza and when my friend Chris delivered it, I paid, smiled, and shut the door while wearing just a towel.  We laughed over it and beer.  We then made love one more time and I headed home.

We never really saw each other again.  There was no internet, email, texting, just letters and phone calls back then.  I think though that we both knew we had lived our moment together and knew that our moment had then passed.  I was at the beginning of my adult life and she was so far ahead of me in hers.  I loved her and she loved me, but in a way that made our parting sweet and filled with erotic memories. 

It has been twenty-five years since that summer.  I still think back and try to figure out what it meant.  For her, I hope it was a summer of her retaking her sexual life and living again.  For me it was when I truly felt like a man.  I was no longer a clumsy teenager fumbling to get the young lady's bra off and trying not to come too fast.  I became a man that was well on his path discovering how he wanted to be with women and how to make them feel cherished and satisfied.

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  1. Wow! What a phenomenal experience! There's something so perfect to me about you both knowing that it was time to move on and leave those perfect moments encapsulated where they belonged. (Never a strength of mine!) Perhaps because I knew you back then, I can very easily picture this evolution and think you were very lucky to have had such an education so young! On a personal note, it's nice to hear a positive spin on the MILF scenario - too often things are spun to portray older women as selfish cougars, using young men and then discarding them. This sounds like a very positive impact on your life & I thank you for sharing it! :-)


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