Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Follicles y fotos.

A number of years back I posted online the photo below of Katie.  It got many comments, but the one that sticks in my mind still is, "Yuck.  Get a razor!"  I was so mad that I almost pulled the photo off the interwebs.  That anonymous troll had gone too far and found one area I am very sensitive about, my models.  He/she also made me think about how subjectively judged body hair on models can be.

Katie 072914 - SideB

First of all, I am open to criticism of my art and erotica.  It makes me better at what I do.  One thing I will never accept though is derision of my models.  I am very protective of them because they shared so much for me to create my visions.  They are muses and muses in my book are above saints.

Krista 072914 - SideB
Second, I do have my own aesthetics for the grooming choices of my models.  It all comes down to what I envision the final products to have as critical elements.  These elements include mood, theme, attitude, color scheme, costumes, location, my mood, etc.  Once that is established, I will then go look for the perfect model.  Some are more natural and others keep their personal grooming very trim or bald.   I have photographed about all areas of the spectrum and loved how each model looked.  This goes for male models as well.  The important part is that she/he has the grooming style I need for my vision.

Leila 072914 - SideB
Which do I prefer for my personal/non-photographic life?  Some will say I don't have a preference, and that is not true.  I want what she feels is right for her.  I want her to feel sexy and beautiful.  For some women that means no hair except on their beautiful heads.   For other's they are natural from head to toe.  I want them to feel comfortable and sexy so they can focus on the sensual moments together, not just trying to match what they think society expects of them.  

Eleanor 072914 SideB

For me, any woman who feels sexy is sexy.  She could feel it is her smile, her eyes, her mind, her body, her desires and she is right.  Sexy is sexy and if it is something she is confident of and makes her feel good about herself, then I will probably find  her very sexy.  Maybe it comes down not to the grooming habits, but confidence.  By grooming and keeping a look or appearance that feels comfortably sexy and true to the her is truly the sexiest and most alluring element of all.

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  1. Great thoughts, Side B! I completely agree that the sexiest look on ANY person is when they FEEL sexy! Whether in my studio or in my bed, I find different aesthetics pleasing at different times. I'm all about clean and neat - but that covers a huge spectrum of grooming choices :-) On a purely practical note, oral sex is more pleasant when one needn't perpetually stop to wrangle stray hairs in the mouth lol. Also have to agree that I am FIERCELY protective of my models ... I'll take creative criticism of my work all day long, but will burn a troll to the ground without hesitation if they insult one of my models - they've exposed themselves to us in a most generous way and deserve our respect and protection!


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