Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Memoirs of a Jaded Romantic: Point of No Return

For some people, “the point of no return” begins at the very moment their souls become aware of each others’ existence.  
C. JoyBell C.

Once, in the midst of recreational romps and temporary distractions, something magical happened.   From the most unexpected person, at the most unexpected time, she stumbled across genuine connection and intimacy.   She no longer believed in unicorns - every single time, they turned out to be asses with horns glued to their foreheads.  She was no longer waiting for the fairy tale prince charming to ride in and carry her off to a perfect life in a castle.  She couldn’t even say words like “forever” without a cynical mental chuckle.  Simply put, she was stunned when someone actually touched her heart and mind instead of just her body … completely floored to find her soul was not immune to the gravity of his smile.

She found it equally unsettling and delightful that he hovered in her mind, danced in her heart, and sizzled through her flesh - and that was just the anticipation.  When he turned all of his physical and mental focus on her, she was completely overwhelmed.   It was not that he did anything so special - he wasn’t a sweet talker, he wasn’t skilled in mind-blowing techniques that she’d never felt before, & he wasn’t particularly romantic.  No matter how she struggled to put a reason behind her reaction to him, it simply was what it was.   It was not what he did, it was completely who he was … and who she was when they were together.  

His hands were average … gifted musician's hands, but nothing about them proclaimed an electric touch.  Yet when they took her hand, caressed her cheek, or slid along her slickness, they arced with magic sparks.   His lips were full and soft, but merely lips nonetheless.  Yet they transformed on her body into fountains of pleasure that tantalized and fulfilled in equal measure.   His body was gorgeous - perhaps not the most finely sculpted of her experience but solid and balanced and lithe … yet when it merged with hers and surged against her, it was the body of a god, powerful and omniscient of her needs.   

Unable to understand why he affected her so, she was captivated.   She craved the rush that only he provided.  After so many years of going through the motions, she found it irresistible to need his touch.   Was he affected the same way?   Did her presence ignite him with the same inferno of arousal?   Did it even matter?  Perhaps what he needed was to be wanted that way, needed that way, desired that way.   Perhaps he didn’t need anything from her.  He may have been oblivious to how he moved her … and his oblivion may be all that saved her from being lost altogether in him.  Had he ever realized the power he had over her, exploited that addiction to his passion, she would have been completely at his mercy … an idea that terrified her even as she longed for it.

Universes - 7/8/14 - Miz B
Sometimes the significance of a love affair is not in how it ends, but in how it begins.   Theirs had begun with an electric inevitability, an instant point of no return that altered her forever - and isn’t that the point?


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