Friday, July 25, 2014

Wrapped Up in Him

One of my favorite feelings is to wrap myself up in my lover's clothes & breath in the smell of him.   It's almost like he's holding me, even when he's far away.   The material brushes my skin like his fingertips, reminding me of how he thrills me.   The warmth of his shirt surrounds me like his arms, reminding me of how he holds me close.   The scent of his cologne envelopes me, filling my head with the comfort of his skin on mine.   They say that a man's clothing on his woman is akin to a flag flying over a conquered fortress.  I say they are right ... when I wear his clothes, I am wearing him ... I am his.

Wearing Him - 072414 - Miz B

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  1. Does any high-end restaurant offer those legs on the dessert menu? I want to make a reservation.


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