Wednesday, December 10, 2014

I Still Feel ... the sizzling words of R. Yearby

I still feel my name vibrating from your lips echoing in the fold of my inner right thigh My fingers still chart the course your tongue traveled fingernails and fingertips remembering your landmarks of upraised tongue flicks I remember your mouth how your tongue buried brimstone in white papaya... How you sucked the ache to the surface until i bubbled over at the power of your grasp how you held my legs wide as the line of the shore kissing the waters until the waves became more you left me desolate knowing that no other will find the Rosetta Stone to unlock and in this....I smile~~ R.Yearby

Paris Bleu - 121014 - Miz B


  1. Love the picture!! great match

  2. This photo has my penis doing an impression of the Eifel Tower.


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