Saturday, December 6, 2014

Memoirs of a Jaded Romantic: Kiss Me as if it Were the Last Time

“He wanted to draw out the moment before the moment- because as good as kissing feels, nothing feels as good as the anticipation of it.”  ~ John Green

However jaded this romantic gets, there is no denying the absolute power of a kiss.   It’s moving and sensational in a way that very few intimate acts can be.   It’s a benchmark for prospective lovers, and a litmus test for emotional connection.   There’s a reason that most prostitutes won’t kiss Johns … it’s much too intimate!

So shout-outs to the men and women who have elevated the kiss to an art form … from the tease to the tongue, from that look to that lick.  Not everyone has it in them … some people are too selfish or too unskilled to pull off a masterpiece kiss.   To deliver a classic, a lover must be willing to open themselves, read their partner, and yield completely to the moment. 

Kiss Me - 120614 - Miz B

The greatest kisses cannot be rushed - they must be allowed to develop slowly, organically building as the magnetic pull between your mouths dances and arcs between you.   World class kissers make you feel that they’ve been dying in the desert and you are water.  Your lips trade electricity, amplifying all that is best in the two of you.   When you open your eyes with a dizzy flutter after a kiss like that, the world is a better place and your partner is somehow MORE than they were before. 

An amazing kiss can turn a toy into an obsession, a romp into a romance, and a flirtation into a fantasy.   It can turn decent sex into a decadent symphony of sensuality, and incredible sex into a religious experience.   More than any other single act, how a person kisses you defines the limits of who they can be to you.  There is no substitute - your lips on mine will rock my world or ruin my romance before it even begins!

“Kissing her
is warm wet
dangerous magic. 
Her mouth 
a storm 
inside me.”  ~Kirk Diedrich

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  1. For me the kiss is a dance. I have never had the same kiss with different lovers. Each is a different kissing dance partner bringing her special moves that we find a sensual way to combine with mine. -SB


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